Getting The Right Domain Name

Getting The Right Domain Name
In the past, it was a little easier to pick and choose different domain names for businesses. With fewer domains registered, there were simply more words available.

Today, even with the new domain types on the market, when you go to choose a domain name, there are trademark and other considerations that can make it important that you work with the right partner in order to register and host your domain.

Here are some things to look for in a domain hosting provider and registrar that can help save you time and money when you bring your new business online:

Find the right partner:

If you are ready to buy domain names, there are a lot of registrars to choose from online. The service that you receive in terms of the process can differ, however. Registrars like that have been registering names for around 3 decades have developed a process that is precise, easy-to-use, and competitively priced because experience has shown that customers expect nothing less.

One thing to look for when you purchase your domain is if the registrar offers other services around the basic registration that can enhance the domain that you own. Some providers offer private information filing so that you can keep your company information out of the public eye while you focus on building your brand. Another feature that is popular is to offer other extensions with the same domain name like .net or .biz for a discounted price.

In general, however, your provider should be stable and show a strong history of standardized service. This is something that you can confirm by looking at their historical website over the years on the site If there are inconsistencies, you will be able to see them.

Does your provider help with trademarks?

Ever since a private individual who had a small company called Apple- the same as his last name, lost his domain to Apple in a court case, it has been important for companies that wish to retain the domain name that they choose to back their claims up by trademarking all their appropriate intellectual property. In the past, this was done individually. Today, there is a centralized database that can accept your information in conjunction with your domain filing. Network Solutions is one registrar that offers help coordinating your efforts when you use their services to file for a new domain.

Is your provider a one-stop shop globally?

There are a lot of companies that focus on getting a .com domain and leave it at that. What they can be forgetting is that China is now the world’s largest economy. Having an extension that Chinese people are comfortable with when you enter that market is the same type of need that you will have in many countries that you choose to expand to.

The upshot is that if you plan to sell in more than one market, .com is no longer the most used domain extension for business in some countries that matter. So finding a partner that carries domain extensions for every company will save you time and money by giving you the choices that you need in one marketplace.

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