8 Reasons Why Laravel Is The FUTURE Of Web Development!

Laravel is one of the most advanced and greatest PHP framework that is assumed to have a great future in coming years. This ultimate framework carries a power to create modern apps safely and rapidly. Laravel framework was first introduced in 2011 by Taylor Otwell. So, being a young framework, it carries that potential to stand ahead other rival PHP frameworks due to its advanced features and functionalities. It is built with modern approach. In the beginning, it was designed in MVC architecture; however it fits to every need like user authentication and event handling.

  • It comprises of extensible and modular code with the package manager.
  • It features a quality support for the database management.

Laravel is the FUTURE of Web Development

Regardless to if the user is a veteran developer or a novice, once, they get a clear understanding of Laravel, and they would surely accept that it is the exact framework which they require for their PHP projects.

Here, you will get to learn several factors and reasons that make Laravel an ultimate PHP framework of the time.

All About Laravel PHP Framework-

Before you decide on working on a Laravel PHP framework development project, make sure you are aware of all the elements of this framework. Before engaging in custom Laravel application development, first learn what Laravel exactly is. So, basically, it is an open source PHP framework that is used by several programmers. Usually, people hire Laravel programmers for custom Laravel application development. There are several reasons that encourage people to adopt this framework which we will discuss here.

In addition, this framework features elegant syntax and is very expressive. For speeding up and easing a web development project, Laravel application development company prefers using this framework. Laravel has a dazzling community support of developers and accompanies truly powerful features. So, if you have a PHP based project in hand and you want to make it faster, then go for Laravel framework because of following top 8 reasons.

Why Laravel PHP Framework Is Preferred By Web Developers-

Reason 1 – Growing Fast-

An expert Laravel application development company is becoming a need for website owners because Laravel is growing in a great speed these days. This great framework has that strength by which it can handle all types of web development jobs. As per Google, Laravel has become the most famous PHP framework of this time among web developers.

Reason 2 – Open Source PHP Framework-

Laravel is an open-source framework of PHP that means it is fully free and features a simple process to make large and complex web apps with accurate code maintainability.

Reason 3 – Template Engine-

This PHP framework Laravel features quite lightweight templates that allows programmers to make dynamic layouts using amazing content seeding. It features several widgets with CSS and JS code along with several powerful structures. The Laravel framework templates are made for simple layout comprising of multiple sections.

Reason 4 – Modular-

This PHP framework Laravel is made on over 20 varied web libraries and is broken into several individual modules. So, modularity of Laravel makes it a great framework to work with for developers. It is based on the latest PHP principles that enable developers to make responsive, user-friendly and modular web applications.

Reason 5 – MVC Architecture-

Laravel framework supports MVC pattern that ensures better transparency within presentation and logic. The MVC architecture enhances the performance of the programmers, encourages improved documentation and has several in-built features.

Reason 6 – Libraries & Easy Configuration-

Laravel PHP framework supports multiple web development environments that means, it easily adjusts to new environment depending on the platform where a user is running an app. This thing is possible due to verified libraries integrated to this framework. The libraries in Laravel framework support auto-complete functions which are hard to find in other PHP frameworks.

Reason 7 – Composer-

The Laravel version 4 is entirely based on multiple external packages to run adequately. To do this job done, Composer works as a dependency manager in this framework. So, setting a new web project is very convenient for beginners as it does not require them to download any zip file or to remember the URL. Just execute few commands and set the entire project along with get required dependencies.

Reason 8 – Artisan–

Though command line is undoubtedly a wonderful tool for web developers, Artisan enables one to use command line for executing multiple tasks by growing the Laravel framework. Ultimately, the user gets an access to several options by typing “php artisan” over terminal window. Although, here you can find few commands only, there is an option for you to make personalized commands as per your choice or requirements.

Bottom Line-

Though the list mentioned above carries only a few of many reasons to choose Laravel for web development projects, but one thing is clear that this PHP framework has an incredible potential to reign over the market in coming years. It is made on strong and mature web patterns and Laravel accompanies a range of attractive features that enhance web development for developers.

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