A step into the data recycling affordability with KillDisk Industrial

The arsenal of bulk data erasure is not that diverse when you take a look at the current product lineup under the microscope. A huge share of the market is still overpriced, while hardware solutions remain the focus of the high-end enterprises.

The release of KillDisk Industrial took place just on time – the audience is willing to digest almost anything that will get things done and cost less.

But LSoft Technologies, the author behind the app, seems to be aiming at something bigger, as its brainchild blows away so much of its competition straight away. So what makes KillDisk Industrial a highly demanded niche product with some nice press? Let’s find it out.

KillDisk Industrial

KillDisk Industrial strikes at large 2 consumer categories – those having ongoing sophisticated data sanitation demands and willing to spend a lot, as well as those looking for a mix of affordability, functionality and reliability. So the app is available as a single piece of software in the range of $30 – $50 per slot, or as a part of a complex hardware system – Destroyinator, starting from a few thousand dollars (its price heavily depends on the configuration). While the expensive model beats the competitors mainly in terms of pricing and performance, in this article we’ll be focusing on the software version.

So why does it stand out? KillDisk Industrial was developed with a comprehensive list of data recycling in mind. It offers a broad variety of data erasure standards (over 20 of them supported internationally), and DoD in particular – the one widely adopted by the US institutions. KillDisk Industrial allows you to wipe out information at over 100 drives simultaneously, it supports hot-swap mode and allows you to issue certificates hands down. Before the erasure is initiated you may check the drives for bad sectors and even run a fixing session. Moreover, you may configure the software to perform virtually all the actions in automatic mode, basing on the most frequent events like plugging in the disk. KillDisk Industrial supports SSDs, HDDs and even external drives, giving you even more control when needed with an optionally available Live USB bootable drive. A magic addition allows you to make use of an external monitor to guide the process.

KillDisk Industrial with printed labels and certificate

With KillDisk Industrial you no longer pay for erasure – you make a long-term investment into equipment ready to perform when you need it. With considerable data wiping demands it may pay off even in the short-term prospects. The app has been warmly welcomed by small businesses and system administration teams, largely due to the unparalleled performance and reliability. Against the background of the current competition KillDisk Industrial looks very solid – it’s more affordable and more tuned to the needs of its users. So is it worthy of giving a try? Definitely. It has everything to replace your software in a totally painless, yet beneficial way.

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