Top 5 iPhone Apps for Designers

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Designers

While some designers prefer to record flashes of inspiration on paper, others do the same with iPhone applications. Not all apps make the cut but there are some that truly stand out. In this post, we will discuss the ones that do. The applications mentioned below aren’t only useful for designers. They are useful for regular users as well.

1 – Paper

When inspiration strikes, there is almost never a piece of paper handy to jot it down. Designers can relate especially when it happens while they are racking their brains for layouts or other design details. With the Paper app, they will always have a digital space to create their own eureka moments as they happen.

Paper is a free iPhone app that allows users to “capture and connect your notes, photos and sketches.” Think of it like sticky notes for your ideas. The new version is compatible with iOS10, comes with bug fixes and has more reliable zooming capability.

Paper App for Designers

2 – ColorSchemer

As a designer, your choice of color can help take design to a whole new level, be it a website, application or any other type of digital project. So, an iPhone app that deals with color specifically would be a pretty handy tool.

As it so happens, there is such as application on the Apple Store. Its called ColorSchemer and provides users with almost endless choices of colors for their palettes. And the best part is that it also allows you to create color palettes from external sources like photos you just took. Plus if you are still strapped for inspiration, you can always take a look at the 1 million color palettes shared by other ColorScheme users. The application is free to download from iTunes and can help you improve your designs tenfold.

ColorSchemer App for Designers

3 – Sketchworthy

Designers don’t only need inspiration for color schemes – they also need it for images. But carrying a sketchpad around with you all the time is hardly convenient. The best way to capture images is to do it with something that you always have with you – your smartphone. And in this case, the Sketchworthy app for iPhone.

This app is not free, but it is well worth its $2.99 price tag. It lets users capture images of web pages, photos and maps on a page. As a designer, you can draw on the page just like on a real journal and save all of your notes, scribbles and sketches on a single platform.

Sketchworthy App for Designers

4 – FontBook

Designers who are into typography will love this app. Dubbed as the “Original Typeface Compendium” FontBook is an app that documents and compares commercial typefaces. Lets just say that you will never run out of font ideas with this app in your iPhone. The application lets you access fonts from more than 8,000 font families. The new version comes with a completely revised UI and a sample text editor.

FontBook App for Designers

5 – Inkflow Visual Notebook

iPhone apps that help improve your design game with saved color schemes and photos are good, but sometimes, a designer needs something that offers a more personal experience. Enter the Inkflow Visual Thinking app – an application that lets users scribble down thoughts as they appear and even organize them in ways that suit their flow of thinking.

The application can be pretty handy for designers when they come across inspiration for designs and gather their thoughts on something more concrete than sheer memory. It also enables users to export their work as PDF files and even share Jpeg files in different ways.

Inkflow Visual Notebook App for Designers

From customized color schemes to fonts and photos, these iPhone applications offer designers a plethora of features on single platforms.

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