5 Key Aspects To Be Kept In Mind For Payment Gateway Integration

As e-commerce shopping is gaining momentum, more people are turning towards digital shopping. Today’s scenario is such that people tend to spend more than half of their day by being digitalized.

Right from ordering food, paying bills, buying clothes till renting a taxi, digital mobile payment has become the foremost option for us.

Payment Gateway Integration

If you are a mobile app developers or hold any mobile app company then you might have come across payment gateway integration feature in a project. There are developers that think payment gateway is not an important option. But, they fail to identify that it is one of the most important steps when the visitor is about to exit the app with a willingness to buy the stuff. There are situations when it does not take even a second for visitors to change their mindset if any single error is encountered during payments. So, watch out some crucial points to be kept in mind during payment gateway integration.

1. Concentrate On Alternatives:

Try to offer multiple payment options to users as everyone preference sets are different. Some would pay from Paypal while some will go for debit/credit card or COD. So, if you want to target maximum users then ensure that your app supports versatile payment modes. Do some research to identify best payment mode.

2. Check Security:

Do you have a payment gateway that holds PCI-DSS certification with it? Currently, PCI is considered as the best security standard to extend security for cardholder details. If you want to make your application secure and reliable then this is one of the best options to be considered. Though it is not included in compulsion zone still, shoppers trust level will increase if you do not compromise with security factor.

3. Quick Performance:

Your audience is too impatient to wait for the completion of the process. Everyone wants their work to be done quickly and accurately. Nobody would entertain a slower app that degrades device performance. SDK is something responsible for app performance in this case. So, before you implement any SDK analyze which is the best payment model that offers fast, secure and easy payment.

4. Quick Settlement:

If you have just considered user aspects during application optimization then make sure that you also consider your business needs. Not only their needs and preferences are important but, ensuring quick settlement is also an important aspect to be considered. Some payment gateways need around 5 working days to transfer amount in your account. So consider all the aspects before you go with any integration option.

5. Go For Frictionless Payment Approach:

Some app developers would integrate payment option in the app itself while others would go with web based payment mode in mobile. Generally, if payment integration is a part of app feature then it would be easy for shoppers to pay via an application. On contrary, optimized web page will increase more payment steps for users. So, always try to keep payment options simple so that payment process is carried out smoothly.

It’s quite obvious that if you compromise with app quality then all your development efforts are useless. You will end up losing prospective customers. So make sure to consider every single aspect for the best outcome.

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