How Gaming Has Moved Beyond The TV In The Last Decade

Technological Advancements: How Gaming Has Moved Beyond The TV In The Last Decade

Gaming has seen incredible advancement in the last decade. It is no longer the realm of just the TV and console. Powerfully and graphically impressive games can be found on a wide variety of platforms, and gaming has become a social and cultural phenomenon.

Gaming Has Moved Beyond The TV
It is clear that games have left a distinct impression on this generation and will likely continue to do so into the future. There have been some notable advancements in the last ten years that have changed the face of gaming forever.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming, or games played primarily on phones and tablets, has taken the world by storm. There are several distinct advantages of mobile games, especially for younger gamers. They are easily portable, and they work on an affordable device most people already have. You don’t need a big TV, a fancy gaming computer or a brand new console to play mobile games.

These games have also become increasingly complex and interesting as the technology of mobile devices has expanded. Many mobile games are graphically similar to games found on computers and consoles. While they may be simpler in design, their ease of access and the fact that they are almost always free-to-play means that they attract a wide audience.

A few standout titles have taken mobile gaming a step further. Pokémon Go, and its notable predecessor Ingress, redefined the realm of mobile gaming by taking full advantage of the platform. These games interact with the real world, getting players out and about to explore landmarks and interact directly with others. This “augmented reality” gaming concept has proven to be a massive success made possible only by mobile platforms and GPS.

Game Competitions and E-Sports

Those who believe hardcore gaming is merely the realm of impoverished basement nerds couldn’t be more wrong. Many games are now professionally competitive on a global scale. Starcraft is noted for being the national sport of North Korea, and a wide variety of other games attract tens of thousands of viewers at events that are televised and professionally hosted. The games also attract tens of thousands of players daily into the online competition ladder. Many of these games can be recorded and viewed online using websites like

These aptly named E-sports are not unlike the traditional sports of baseball or basketball in the crowds and attention they attract. They can also come with very impressive rewards figures. Those who place in the highest ranks at tournaments consistently may make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Virtual Reality

A phenomenon that broke ground in the last few years, VR is setting the stage for an entirely new era of gaming. The concept of VR changes the very nature of gaming, making it a considerably more immersive and interactive experience. While the best VR systems are quite expensive, more affordable console versions have released. These bring VR within reach of anyone who owns a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. This is technology that is likely to expand and improve in the next few years.

There is no doubt that gaming is here to stay. It is a part of almost everyone’s life in some way, even if they don’t consider themselves a gamer. It has become an integrated part of our culture and has pushed the limits of computer technology. There is little doubt that both the technology, reach and depth of gaming will continue to grow in the future.

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