How to Get a Mobile Website that Sells?

The article will throw some light upon the various aspect of mobile website designing with latest statistics for comparing mobile applications and mobile phone supported websites.

Mobile website designing
It is very important to mention to the readers that there are more than 5.9 billion cell phone users in the world and about one thousand new mobile phone users are joining the counting. Why not opt for mobile website design in Dubai?

According to web news, mobile phones are used to spend 40% of the total of online time spending.

Hence, we can say the smart phones have somehow diminished the significance of laptops.  The manufacturers and service provider companies are targeting their customers online with mobile applications, website build for laptops and computers and mobile supported websites. Website with mobile phone version creates easiness for the users since the platform of the smart phone is different than the desktop computer.

The companies demand from the website developers to build the same website for mobile phone browsers too.

The content and the graphics remain the same, only the base of the execution and function are modified according to the need of the operating system of smart phones.

In the time of applications, we still cannot ignore the significance of mobile website designing. Applications have yet to surpass the limit of websites. Before you decide to get your mobile website design in Dubai, let us discuss some basic points of mobile website designing.

Mobile App Development

As earlier discussed, website designing methods for computer browsers are not compatible with smart phones. W3C has set guidelines for the developers of creating mobile websites. Due to different operating system in mobile phones, websites on cell phone browsers open but the display of the opened website will not adjust the screen. And, this issue can be solved by using CSS in order to design perfect layout compatible with the android or IOS phones.

Due to un-compatibility with mobile phone operating system, the smart phones get hanged while downloading large amount of data, and it takes much time than the website built for the computers. When designing a website for mobile use, speed will almost always be the number one factor so visitors can quickly find what they need. The following points must be kept in mind for a mobile website developer:

  • The developer must be aware of the users’ age and service/product to be offered by the client on the website.
  • The mobile website access must be on different locations in order to download the website quickly.
  • The expected numbers of the users to visit your mobile website should be in mind.

Another point to understand if you are looking to get mobile website design Dubai, here is an important point that mobile website mostly do not support browser’s plug-in and extensions. It is better to remove the downloading option of extensions and plug-ins. By doing this, it will increase the downloading speed of the browsers. Second, the developers should avoid usage of flash and over rated graphics. Mobile website must be simple, interactive and should open quickly.

While designing a website for your business, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly so that it can reach out to today’s bulging mobile audience.

Statistics for websites using Mobile technologies

Source: BuiltWith Technology Profiler

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