Secrets Of Vypr Revealed!

Vypr, a Switzerland-based VPN service provider, seems to successfully dominate its share of the market for at least 5 years in a row. Beautifully designed solutions for all platforms from iOS and Android to Mac or Windows tend to keep thousands of people protected from spies, frauds and even governments!

VyprVPN review

Now and then a new VyprVPN review pops out like a mushroom after a rainy Tuesday. Fans seem to lose their minds about the app on every corner. I’m sad to admit – but I never got the chance to get acquainted with this masterpiece of security software. Well, that had to change sooner or later.
It’s finally time for me to check out this bad boy out.

Where Vypr shines?

Golden Frog, the company behind Vypr was founded back in 2010. Its standards and policies seem to be aimed at delivery of digital freedom to everyone through enhanced layers of personalized security. An honorary goal indeed!

Their VyprVPN realizes these values exceptionally well. Regarding security as well as encryption levels few can match it. Chameleon tech, a unique feature to Golden Frog products only is simply amazing. This technology uses 256-bit encryption of Open VPN and amplifies it with Open VPN Meta Data making sure no packages are compromised. As a result you can freely bypass locked networks and receive access to previously forbidden data like, say Facebook in China.

Vypr works well with Netflix servers. You are no longer tied to your geographic location and can access unique shows that are only available for view in the UK or Europe. This means you get three times as much movies per a single Netflix subscription. Netflix and chill were never easier.

UI and UX are nice. The app is simple and intuitive. This is definitely a major plus for VPN beginners and a slight turnoff for veterans who are eager for deeper layers of settings.

VyprVPN download

Downsides of Vypr

VyprVPN is rather expensive. It’s not that $10 per month for a premium package is intolerable, but the price is higher than the “market average”. The Basic package for $6.35 is somewhat closer to reality but a user will only get as little as two simultaneous connections. Not enough to protect your phone, iPad and laptop at once. Other industry players offer as much as 3-5 connections per six bucks.

The second drawback I’ve noticed is that Vypr does not accept BitCoin. It’s 2017 already – shouldn’t every up-to-date service accept digital currencies?

Lastly, Golden Frog claims their VPN is the fastest one there is. That’s a lie. Not that Vypr is slow or anything, I could still stream a video on 1080p without any issues given my US-based connection is garbage by default. That’s awesome. But Nord and Express VPN still outperformed Vypr in benchmarks.


I can freely recommend VyprVPN to beginners as well as people interested in their personal digital security without much concern for all technical aspects. Professionals, on the other hand, will be better off with other solutions.

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  1. What you didn’t add was that if living in ‘China’ VyprVPN actually performs better than most of the VPN services out there like Express and Nord.

    I’ve used VyprVPN for 3 years now and only seldom there is any performance or connectivity issues.

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