Target App Users with These Amazing 5 Tips

5 Tips How to Better Target Your App Users

With millions of apps already available, it is important for any new app developer to know how they can make their app stand out in the crowd and attract a target audience. With the following five tips, app designers will have the knowledge and can find the tools needed to successfully promote their app and get it into the hands of their ideal target audience.

The key to success is to know the age group that the app will most appeal to. This is generally those that are under the age of 25. The reason is because these people have smartphones and they also have money! In addition, they are quite interested in new technology and the release of a new app is always appealing.

The next five tips will help app developers target their app users successfully, leading not only to a high ranking app, but the generation of some revenue.

Target Your App Users


Many app developers focus on the time that is spend at a site or using an app, and while these things are important, segmenting users can be more beneficial. This is done by watching past behaviors, which can increase overall revenue as well as retain users. The strategy of segmentation can increase the ability to separate users into small segments and move and manage these segments to produce more revenue by supplying relevant messaging and information. The success of key metrics using segmentation can be achieved by using a tracking tool on all websites as well as any mobile apps that are being used.

Use Messages

Another way to target groups and increase traffic and revenue is by the use of engaging messages. There are basically five different message types that can benefit just about everyone. These include:

  • Onboarding Messages – These have three special goals. They will welcome the visitor and set the tone for the product. They will offer a specific touch point for communication and they will provide the next step on where to go. App developers don’t just want to welcome customers, but want to make sure they get what they need from their visit to the site, which can increase revenue.
  • Engagement Marketing – These messages engage customers to return to the site and will promote more features of the product. They also help all customers through the onboarding process and will motivate visitors to follow sites, upgrade apps and subscribe to newsletters.
  • Customer Development – This involves paying special attention to returning or high paying customers by reaching out to them through messages.
  • Feedback Check-ins – Never ignore customer feedback. In fact, when received, always try to respond to the customer and let them know they are being heard.
  • Retention Messaging – Instead of just promoting users or visitors to visit again, provide a motivator for doing so. This could be newsletters pointing out new features or messages about upcoming events or releases.

App Promotion

One of the greatest ways to reach new customers and increase mobile revenue is by recommending relevant apps to any user. With Appnext, global apps can be promoted and this can allow the app developer to ream more for every app that is installed. By offering app discovery, it is possible to generate more sales and attract more loyal visitors because they know they will be directed to apps that will provide them with more benefits and are if interest. With Appnext, promoting other apps can help grow a mobile business simply by offering recommendations to users.

Use Social Media

It is a well known fact that many mobile users spend a lot of tie on Facebook and Twitter. If possible, create ads that will promote the app on these social media sites to gain new customers and promote the app. This also ensures the app is being targeted to mobile users who are already using other apps.

Learn Customers

Make use of surveys to collect data on those that are already using the app. This will provide important information about demographics and interests so that a target audience can be developed, offering more chances at app success by offering the app to those that have an interest in what is being promoted.

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