Top 4 Reasons to Consider Using the Ubuntu OS for Your Business Computers

The Linux platform is one of the most successful open-source systems. Ubuntu is an operating system that runs from the Linux kernel. While Ubuntu is based on Debian Linux, it has significant benefits of its own.

Ubuntu OS

Here are four good reasons why you should give Ubuntu a try in your company.

1. It’s Completely Free

As part of the open source Linux environment, Ubuntu is totally free and available for download online. You can contribute your own coded features as a developer, or even modify existing Ubuntu software and publish it as your own. Ubuntu is based on the GNU GPL license which allows anyone to access and modify the code for their own use.

This open-source philosophy means that the OS has a vast array of software available for businesses and personal use.

The large Ubuntu community regularly creates and updates these products, meaning you will more than likely be able to find a free program for any need you may have. All software is free to redistribute, has the original source code included, can be legally altered by anyone, and requires to license to use.

2. Different Platforms

Many people see Linux and Ubuntu as add-ons to PCs. The Linux kernel is powerful and up to managing enterprise resources. But Ubuntu has evolved with several features and utilities of its own.

It is now available in mobile versions for phones and tablets, and a special smart phone version is due to be released that can be run on Android devices.

There are even plans to adapt Ubuntu for Smart TVs and other appliances. Those running Microsoft applications might want to run Ubuntu alongside Windows, but Ubuntu stands on its own quite well. Ubuntu now comes with its own office productivity suite, called LibreOffice, preinstalled. It’s also available for download separately.

3. Updates

Just because Ubuntu is free doesn’t mean it isn’t supported.

Any time a bug is reported, a loyal community of developers works to provide an update that addresses the problem.

Ubuntu users can check for updates whenever they like with the update manager tool. Those wanting to take part in this open source community and contribute can help take Ubuntu to new levels. An online master’s in computer science is a good fit for working professionals who want to enhance their skills with Ubuntu and other operating systems.

4. Cost Effective

Purchasing server software and meeting the vendor use and licensing requirements can add up to a hefty expense. Ubuntu is free even in server editions. It smoothly supports popular server software such as Apache and is becoming more common among cloud services providers. It also supports web development tools like NetBeans and Eclipse.

You may end up forking over fists full of cash if your business buys accounting software, customer relationship management software, human resources software, word processing and spreadsheet software, and automated marketing programs. The technical costs can easily overwhelm a young business, but Ubuntu offers a serious alternative available to anyone at any time, with no licensing or purchase necessary.

The thriving Ubuntu open source community ensures that it will remain a viable alternative for years.

These are some of the great reasons to use Ubuntu Linux on your servers. Hopefully hardware vendors will drop the focus on PCs and put more emphasis on emerging systems like Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Usage Statistics
Source: BuiltWith – Web Technology Profiler

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