Ways to Find Out if Your Smartphone is Being Spied on?

A recent incident in Nigeria shows that Cyber Stalking is a serious crime. A blogger was arrested while stalking the chairperson of a local organization. A number of such incidents with different reference of frames are found daily around the globe.

The unfortunate of the scene is that workplaces and educational institutions are more affected with this curse.

Spy app vs hack

Hackers World:

A number of hackers are operating in this world. Out of 10 software developers, 3 of them are those who work in developing malwares. That software contains the codes to grab the personal information from victim’s smartphone to get into the details of that person to either rob him or her or to victimize that person in some other offence.

Hackers even spy the victim without that person being known of that happening. Initially to conclude is that spying someone without his or her consent is a crime and serious punishment is available for such an act. Secondly the users of the smartphone technologies are not much into the debugging and developing sessions of the phones. So they barely understand that they are spied upon.

Platform Indices:

Stalker could have any reason to stalk a person. It could be a sexual harassment, some psychic issue, some sort of eccentric pleasure or it could be a robbery plan.

The smartphone platforms are not that hard to get into and spy a person. The Android development team is working to make the security level of the devices strict, but still a lot much is lacking. Similarly, Macintosh Apple is making iOS security stronger, but the cheesy hackers get into the device by their tricks and techniques. Apart from these major platforms the other platforms even have security lacking.

Domestic Abuse:

Unfortunately the cyber stalking is also the base for domestic violence and abuse. The cheap spying tools are used to monitor the smartphones of the concerned and the outcomes bring violence. It doesn’t match the calibers of privacy; it’s merely a show of power.

A distress persons home in the Silicon Valley shown a figure of around 70 cases, specifically women and children, who were domestically abused. The management of the home asks the residents to not to use the smartphones as they are spied easily.

Finding Out any Potential Spyware:

Precisely for the common users, it’s not that easy to really understand that their smartphone is spied. Not just the GPS, data connections or the Wi-Fi of the smartphone, even the network band transmits potential signals for spywares.

Some apps are pretty good designed for the iOS that they don’t even show that jailbreak icon over the phone. The base files are not shown, no visible icon for app is present and the app manager has no count of such an addition. Precisely there is no room for learning that a person is being spied.

Experts recommend a number of tricks to be away from being spied. But those tricks and techniques are generally helpful in evading the hackers or low caliber spywares. Specially designed software can’t be breached with those techniques. Those techniques involve regularly checking the on screen locks, removing any unknown file or folder from the device memory, using the internet connection as less as possible and some other similar techniques.

But if a person is spied, how would he or she learn about that?


A spy app in nature, but it has been designed and launched for the safety and safeguard of the humanity. User reviews specify that the application has been used by business entrepreneurs and parents.

The specialized features and specifications of the app not only help in monitoring or invigilating any person, but it also helps in getting away from the spies. The thorough phone encryption and passive locking features provide users with the safety to stay away from being watched.

The app helps in:

  • Staying away from malwares
  • Keeping out of range from harmful spywares
  • Evading identity theft
  • Avoiding Cyber Stalking
  • Encrypting network accounts, social media accounts and data safely

The treasons of the cyber stalking is never ending, because of criminology of mankind, but it’s even hard to be safe and keep away from all possible harm.

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