Employing Color Psychology in Web Design


Colors are extremely vital to web design, as they can make or break the way your site looks. Not only do they add elements of contrast and coherence to the site, they also have a tremendous impact on the visitors.

There is an entire study to colors and their effect on the human mind, called color psychology.

While you do not need to be an expert on these matters, it does help to have a working knowledge and to follow some basic pointers. Here are some things you should keep in mind.


Red web design


Red has always been considered a fiery, dynamic color linked with heat and passion. It is linked with intensity, courage, determination, sexuality, excitement, comfort and warmth. Some people also associate it with danger. Red should be used minimally and tastefully in web design, and be accented with white, black, or silver to emphasize certain elements.


Blue web design


Blue is a very pretty color, associated with success, trust, calmness, power, loyalty, and honor. It has a cool impact on the design. You could use lighter shades on websites to reach out to people and come off as friendly, while darker shades make for perfectly sober backgrounds for business designs.


Yellow design website


Yellow is the brightest and happiest color around, portraying playfulness, curiosity, amusement, liveliness, energy, and happiness. It is extremely eye-catching and is used to attract or excite children. Darker shades tending towards gold could be used to add a touch of vintage sophistication.


Orange web design


Orange is a wonderfully versatile color, showing creativity, comfort, youth, revelry and fun. It is extremely energetic, vibrant and inviting, without being nearly as overwhelming or startling as red. It can be used for any zany sites showing energy and fun. Orange is known to appeal to young people and can hence be used to cater to that demographic. Different shades of orange can be used effectively to convey a vibrant, creative look. Professional designers at the #1 Vegas website development firm go for textures or darker shades of orange for a professional look.


Green web design


Green is one of the calmest and most appealing colors out there, associated with nature, happiness, life, health and healing, reliability and freshness. It counters stress and makes you feel relaxed, and theories suggest green is a trigger to enhance learning speeds and receptivity. It can be used to show harmony and stability, and especially if you are making an environment-oriented website.


Pink design website


Pink is all about sweetness, softness, femininity and love. It is usually associated with women and has been used extensively in design for campaigns and products targeted at them. Besides these, using soft pinks on your website could bring about a calming, playful and sweet effect rather than stark contrasts.


Purple web design


Purple is a regal color, symbolizing justice, luxury, dreams, power, and mystery. Lighter and softer shades can be used for romantic or charming designs and darker shades go well with luxurious designs. When used subtly, purple looks elegant and majestic.


Brown web design


Brown is reassuring, confident and authoritative. It is associated with nature, the ground, and being rooted and down to earth. It can be used as a background and also as a border color. Brown is confident and relaxing and definitely a welcome change from the usual palette observed by web designers.

Blacks, Whites, and Grays

Blacks Whites web design


Black and white is the neutral color used extensively across all websites to show sheer elegance, strength, sophistication and minimalism. The stark contrast often makes for clean, fantastic-looking monochromatic websites. Grey is used as an accent or a background for images and text and helps them stand out.


Color is one of the most important design elements and cannot be ignored. It is tremendously effective in getting your message across; so you should look into these simple color psychology pointers before designing each page.

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