Top Web Design Trends in 2017 to Refresh Your Mobile Website Layout

Over the years, the web design world is constantly growing. A lot of new trends are emerging in the market, some fade away, and some just continue to flourish. A lot of like pixels are to an image, these design elements come together to develop the face of the internet as we are already familiar with.

Top Web Design Trends in 2017

There is no secret that the graphic developments that we are viewing on our screens are frequently the results of giant tech and web companies’ innovations. However, design is one such thing that affected by enormous elements like news phenomena, cultural events, fashion and more.

Therefore, a lot of people have a question in their mind that what are the hottest and newest design trends for 2017? As we all know that trends are renowned changes that happen in all creative fields and web design is no different.

Moreover, trends are the driving factors for change that push an industry forward for the better.

As the web is a unique environment that is changing constantly and evolving, and considering that in mind, we come-up with the top web design trends of 2017 that will refresh your mobile website layout.

Layouts That Let Content Shine

It is essential that the arrangement of design elements within a given structure should enable the reader to easily focus on the message without decreasing the speed of his reading. As we all know that in the last couple of years, we have seen that the design’s role has been changed in the business.

From a late-in-the-process optimization stage, design has shifted where designers are jumping into sprinkle on some pretty like mystical fairy dust to a real competitive advantage. It is a wonderful evolution that we can notice.

And the attractive element of that evolution has been the shift back toward a focus on content, and a lot of designers across the world have realized that people often visit websites for their content no matter whether it’s raging tweetstorms or the latest user-generated meme and any design, which has the main goal of presenting content in an effective and wonderful way.

Importance of the Content

A lot of businesses have spent their years over adding different things to the mobile websites like sidebars, headers, banners, calls to action buttons, popups, social media buttons, etc. Do you know that these things ended-up cluttering the mobile websites?

In the year 2017, more websites are expected to step towards the starting point and giving importance to the content. No matter whether it means we need to remove all other distractions that we have added, spending years or just making them take-up less real estate that is yet to determined. Coming back to an essential thing about the mobile website – the content – will be widespread moving forward.

Wide use of Rapid Prototyping Tools

When it comes to talking about the rapid prototyping tools, they are a must-have for any web, UI, and UX designer. To hit the web design world, these latest tools have been the most useful innovations. In addition to this, the number of prototyping tools like Mockplus enables designers to instantly create low and high fidelity prototypes of websites and services to devise their usability.

It can be done without writing a single line of code as these tools have enabled users to design on the browser and launch from there. You can a comprehensive range of such tools on the web, and there are many businesses, who have adopted them already to make these things easy.

Shift from Material to Textile Design

Talking about the Material Design, it is a concept that mainly introduced by Google in 2015, but it has the major influence in the design world. As the year 2016 has been ended, the new concept is shifting to textile design.

In this year, it is expected that the skeuomorphic elements are coming back throughout the field of web designing. It comprises visual metaphors above and beyond the flat and narrow scope of the paper.

However, the popularity of augmented and virtual reality has been increasing constantly and designers come to know the fundamental structure of material design that is not prepared for the demanding needs of web design in the future.

And the need for textile design comes into existence as this concept brings together various design dimensions, metaphors and visual elements that will shape web design in 2017.

Micro Mini Interactions

As we all know that the concept of micro-interactions was the constant buzz word in 2015 and this term was mainly used to refer to product interactions that based on tasks like pressing a button, clicking like, setting an alarm and more.

Users can engage with dozens of micro-interactions that are invisible and small to be noticeable using Facebook and LinkedIn. Gradually, applications and services are becoming granular and specific. However, micro mini interactions will change the entire way we all are using mobile phones in this coming year.

UI Patterns and Frameworks

In this year, we will see a lot of brands to implement existing UI and UX patterns as we move closer to a more unified and consistent online browsing experience. Now, the main aim is to keep users happy with a streamlined UX. More and more brands should do away with design gimmicks and strive to better their website user experience to compete with their competitors.

So, these are the top web design trends of 2017 that you should adopt to refresh your mobile website layout. You can get your desired mobile website that attracts a maximum number of users, giving them exceptional user experience. You can hire an experienced mobile web design company that has a professional team of mobile web developers to comprehend your needs.

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