3 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Videos Online

When it comes to content, there is nothing that does the job quite like videos. It is by far the most engaging type of content, and has the potential to attract more viewers. Odds are you may even have toyed with the idea of using videos for your small business in the past – but the question is: How?

Use Business Videos Online

Nowadays there are many different ways in which small businesses can use videos online, but there are 3 in particular that you should focus on:

1. Videos for traffic generation

The theory behind using videos to generate traffic is simple: Publish video content on popular platforms (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram), and then channel the viewers to your business’ website. In order for this method to work the video content needs to be something that viewers will find useful or appealing, and a strong call to action must be used to convince them to visit your website when the video is done.

2. Videos for brand recognition and loyalty

Using videos to build up brand recognition is a bit tricky due to the fact that it can be approached from many different angles. Some of the more popular methods include product demonstrations and reveals, webinars, or even ‘behind the scenes’ brand culture videos. Recently businesses have started to use videos more frequently in emails to subscribers as well.

3. Videos for lead generation or sales

While other types of videos can help boost sales indirectly, some can adopt a more direct approach. Often video reviews are fall under this banner, but so too do testimonials, landing page videos, and so on. Generally you would only publish videos for lead generation or sales on your website, and use them to help convince viewers to make a purchase or convert them in other ways.

Of course in order to start using videos to promote your small business or generate sales you’ll first need to be able to create them – and that is where Movavi Video Suite will be particularly helpful. It is a user-friendly video maker that will provide you with numerous ways to create professional-looking and high quality content.

Movavi Video Suite

Essentially you could opt to use Movavi Video Suite to create a video by compiling a slideshow, recording your screen, capturing video from a webcam, or using footage that you recorded on your smartphone or digital camera. After that you could use its editing features to improve its quality, apply special effects, cut and join segments, add background music, and much more.

All said and done you shouldn’t have any problem creating varied types of content that you can then use in the ways listed above.

Make no mistake with the right approach videos could take your small business to the next level, and give it a huge boost.

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