5 Stunning Ways Technology Has Transformed Our Homes Since The Year 2000

Technology advances incrementally, and we often fail to notice how much it has changed over the years. However, our homes function quite differently now even than they did in the year 2000. Every year there are new updates and advancements. Staying up to date with all of the modern day changes can be rough, but it is definitely worth it. Here are five stunning ways technology has transformed our homes.

Transformed Our Homes

1. The Internet

Perhaps the most obvious change to typical homes is the impact of nearly ubiquitous high-speed internet access. In the past, looking up information meant pulling out books to find facts, a time-consuming and often unsuccessful effort. Thanks to the internet, we can now answer even complex questions with just a quick search online. Internet speed has also increased significantly over the years. Now not only can we find information online, but we can find it online almost instantaneously.

2. Solar Technology

Although solar panels are still relatively uncommon, they’re far more prevalent today than in the year 2000. Perhaps even more surprising is how their perception has changed. In the past, solar panels were viewed as ugly and would actually decrease the value of a home. The opposite is true today, and a home sold by places like the Clement Group at RE/MAX Properties, Inc. can be adjusted for solar panel use. That is a great way to save money and even increase the value of your home.

3. New Televisions

Although converter boxes let people use older types of televisions, most homeowners now rely on flat screen devices offering high-definition pictures. Recording services are popular as well, letting many homeowners finally abandon their old VHS recorders. Streaming services didn’t exist in 2000, but Netflix and other services provide on-demand entertainment.

4. Portable Entertainment

Arguing over television time is far less prevalent today than in 2000. Even people living in single-television homes are less likely to encounter disagreements as many people have smartphones, tablets and personal laptops capable of delivering content. Some people are critical of this technology as young and not-so-young people often spend a considerable amount of time in front of portable screens. However, this portability also means every room of a home can be an entertainment room.

5. Smart Devices and Efficiency

While smart devices are still picking up steam, many people now use connected appliances and other devices. This has led to greater efficiency in some areas. Smart heating and cooling systems, in particular, can handle more sophisticated programming, letting homeowners have systems turn off and on based on complex schedules. Devices with internet connectivity can also be controlled remotely. Parents, for example, can unlock a home using a smartphone if a child arrives without a key.

Our homes function far differently than they did only a few years ago, and new products mean this change will continue. Although changes can be difficult to notice as they occur, looking back to the year 2000 shows just have much our homes have really changed.

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