Results from the Findings of Email Marketing Census of 2017

In the industry census of Email Marketing 2017, the main themes were personalization, device optimization and automation. More than 1200 marketers participated in this survey.

After the effective analysis of the data of the survey, it resulted in three main findings that are being discussed below.

Email Marketing Census of 2017

1. Though many companies are enjoying the advantages, the personalization still proves to be elusive for businesses: At present, though few companies are using the email personalization, the percentage is gradually increasing. The companies are sending personalized mails depending on the preferences and activities of the users.

The percentages of companies using the personalization have already increased from 8% to about 15%, which is almost double.

Among the respondents, almost 30% said that they require to focus on e-mail marketing during this year. Depending on the past behaviors of the users, the personalization features can offer valuable content which is specifically relevant to the users.

2. Depending on the improved technology, marketers get access to automation: The e-mail census of this year also showed that the use of automation in e-mail marketing has also increased a lot. The automated feature can offer more targeted, timely, as well as, relevant experiences to the subscribers. With the automation, the marketers can easily expect a better return from their investments. There was a huge percentage of marketers who admitted that they have achieved success by implementing the programs of e-mail marketing.

Since the last year, the percentage of marketers have grown about 62%.

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3. Companies are still adapting to the different devices used by the consumers: The uses of mobile devices for checking emails have increased about 73% compared, to the last year. The marketers are continuing to adapt to the mobile devices. 10 years have passed, since the launch of the first smartphone. According to 90% of the respondents, for various devices, there are a variety of strategies that are being implemented. It is clear that if you want acceptance of your email campaigns, you have to design the strategies for mobile devices. According to 2016 reports, the main constraint on the success can be considered as the lack of resources, which includes the staff shortage or the lack of budget.

By the survey report of this year, it has been proved that though many users are looking for the mobile-first approaches, the e-mails in laptops and PCs are also not less in number.

So, the marketers should look forward to the responsive designs that go both for the mobiles and the PCs.

So, from this survey report, you can easily obtain three main key points that are important for attaining success in the e-mail marketing industry. The report; therefore, arises many questions like, the uses of artificial intelligence and the application of the metrics. The results also clarify the comparison and the growth since 2016’s census of the e-mail marketing.

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