Best child monitoring app – When social media ignites depression

Social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives. People find it difficult to live their daily normal life without logging into their Facebook profile once a day. The more the technological advancement, the lesser interaction amongst people is creating socially awkward creatures. People talk less to each other and are more active in posting status updates.

Kids and laptop

The young generation of this era has learnt to be socially active, no matter how the situation is. Teenage groups of this generation are active and forward. They are always active in social media platforms where they post about every single matter happening in their lives.

So child monitoring is an important part of parenting where parents need to know what their kids are upto. They need to be aware of their kid’s social media activities and smartphone activities which speak volumes about the child.

Obsession with social media platforms

Did your kid feel jealous seeing their best friend going for a world tour? Did he ask you to buy him expensive video games? Does your kid envy other kids of your neighborhood? If it is a yes to all these questions, then high chances that your kid is suffering from social media depression.

The term is coined to explain the fact that people are more likely to feel depressed, dejected and upset when they start comparing themselves to others in social media. It is depression that ignites in these innocent minds when kids are interacting too much in social media platforms.

The whirlwind of updates in these social media platforms can make people feel low about themselves. The worst victim of this can be teenagers and adolescent children. Their minds are pure, innocent and carefree. There is always a lasting impact of any impression imprinted in their minds. They tend to be easily influenced when they something that appeals their senses.

Social media depression

Most of the young minds suffer from this condition which is known as social media depression. They tend to spend more time in these platforms rather than with their parents. Teenage minds start their day by comparing themselves with others. They like to post updates about everything happening in their lives. Facebook posts, jokes, trolls and memes become an addiction. Logging into Facebook and checking the news feed after every five minutes is something not normal at all. They are always restless and the only thing that can keep them calm is social media platforms. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin are the popular platforms where kids spend more time neglecting their studies.

Kids suffering from loneliness tend to find happiness in social media platforms and end up being more upset. They check their friend’s profiles and what are they up to. This gradually turns out to be an addiction where they constantly keep on checking social media profiles of their friends and of the people they admire. They are always fascinated to see status updates, jokes, trolls and other posts shared by their friends.

Kid and smartphone

Kids have a feeling that the grass is always greener on the other side. They envy their friends and are curious to know about their friend’s life. Sometimes this is the place where they face rejection. They might be unfriended or somebody may not accept their friend request. The feeling of getting dejected when they are unfriended is something they cannot take. They start to low self esteem issues that takes a toll on their physical and mental well being.

Also some teenage minds try to find happiness in being friends with strangers. They rely on these people more than their close ones. They start sharing personal information with them which can have severe consequences later in life.

Surveys and studies have always come up with the fact that social media platforms have always been the cause of depression and anxiety. Poor self esteem, lack of security, feeling low about oneself and envious nature of an individual are the major symptoms of social media depression. It can be easily said that emotional well being of child is largely depending on how active they are in social media platforms. The more they spend time in social media websites, the more their mind is diverted from doing anything productive.

It is very difficult for parents to stop their kids from accessing social media sites especially when they are unable to spend time with their kids. In this technologically advanced world, it is difficult to keep your kids away from smartphones and laptops.

The best way to keep a track of your kid’s social media activities is to go for a monitoring app that can provide all the details required.

You can have a clear idea of your kid’s social media activities that would help your kid to come out of this condition. Too much involvement in social media sparks depression in these minds of these young kids which may have severe consequences. When you are aware of your kid’s activities in social media, then only you can help them to come out of this situation. Spying is something that is not advisable for adolescent kids. Monitoring with their consent can help you to maintain a healthy friendly relationship with their kids. Android monitoring apps or iPhone monitoring apps for children can come to your rescue.

You have to choose the right app that would provide all the details related to your kid’s social media profiles. You can even block access to social media platforms as per your discretion. From a secured account, you can log in and check social media activities of your kids.

Social media platforms exist for knowing new information, talking to your friends, finding your long lost friend and staying in touch. But it has its dark side that kids should stay away from. Not all kids are mature enough to use these platforms wisely as a past time. To some people it is an addiction that needs keeps on increasing each day. Depression comes when one starts cherishing little things in their life and is always envious about their friends and peers. Parents have to take the right step to help their kids make correct choices of life and work hard towards a better future.

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