Business Breaks: How to Improve Communication Techniques

Building a successful business is all about people. If you communicate with your customers, you’ll build deeper relationships and be better equipped to serve their needs.

Communication Techniques

Getting the chance to speak with your customers in the first place can be a challenge though. These days it feels like everybody is already too distracted for you to get their attention. How can you compete with Facebook, TV, and millions of other brands?

The good news is your customers are already inclined to listen to you. They did buy your product, after all. This guide will help you clarify your thinking and learn new tactics for improving your customer relationships.

Communication Channels

Before you try to talking to customers, look at the tools available to you. It’s not as complicated or mysterious as you might think. You only have a few viable paths to customer engagement. Most use some combination of the following:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • In-Store Interactions
  • Phone Support (outsourced)

In addition, the options below can be more challenging to set up but are very effective:

  • SMS Messaging
  • Business-specific web forums
  • Phone Support (in-house)

Try to set up as many avenues that make sense with your business model and be sure to get a good internet package that will be able to handle your outreach and incoming messages (

Talking to Customers

The mindset of many businesses is “We will tell customers about our products and services.” This is an ok way to do business, but you will hit a plateau before you reach truly great results. A better business mindset is to think “We will discuss our ideas with real customers to develop the best possible end product.”

With regard to email and social media, you should solicit direct feedback from your customers. Don’t merely self-promote and tell them what to think. Instead, ask them what their problems are. How can your business help them out? The best way to start this process is to automate an introductory email sequence for your mailing list. End your first email with a question such as “How can we make your life better?” Track every response. If you are a small or mid-sized company, you should try to respond to them all.

Follow this same approach with your other services. You could even use Google Phone to set up a business number for live Q&A or feedback sessions with customers from around the world. Your goal is to talk to as many people as possible and hear what they have to say.

Communication is Easy

The truth is, it isn’t hard to communicate with your fans. The challenge is more on the emotional side. It can be exhausting to open yourself up to feedback and really engage with your fans.

Be open and honest, letting your audience know about your new projects and working with them to find the best product/customer fit. If you follow the advice in this guide, your business will get better at making customers happy.

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