4 Trends That Are Creating a Huge Demand for Healthcare Mobile App Development

In the healthcare industry, a lot has changed over the past couple of decades. It has completely shifted its way from house visit to e-visits since the health care experts now are more dependent on the cutting edge technologies in order to meet the demand and need electronic and smartphone access to patients database.
Healthcare Mobile App Development
The demand to access the patient’s data via electronic means by both doctors and the patient is increasing day by day. The reason behind this increasing demand is that the potential to provide health related information through tablet and smartphones efficiently and this is what it is causing the demand for the advanced technologies to facilitate this requirement. According to a source, the healthcare mobile app development industry is anticipated to reach nearly $20 million by the year 2018.

Here are 4 trends that are creating demand for healthcare mobile app development.

  1. Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

It is certainly true that the healthcare industry is significantly growing from maintaining conventional manually return files and folders to e-records. But it is not taking place as quickly as we are expecting. Not just yesterday or day before, electronic health records came into existence nearly 30 years ago,  however, in the year 2010, only 39% of practitioners utilized EMR. The sign of positivity – more than 80% 2nd-year residents said that they would like to utilize EMR. Taking into consideration the level of comfort and ease the millennials get it social media networking platforms and the simplified process in getting the desired information online, no wonder if this affects the growth of the EMR.

The Emerging Technology

EMR typically offers the capability to save patient information electronically than in a traditional document. And this is changing the way other industries as well as the public outlook towards healthcare. Mobile app development has made it possible for both patients and practitioners to get the patient’s complete file electronically via smartphone or PC and lets them track information over time, manage patients and enhance the overall care of the management within the practice.

  1. Electronic Health Records and Reconcilability Between Medical Centers

Not having Reconcilability between medical centers and doctors is not only compromising patient safety but also bringing a pile of extra services to the table. Without a proper reconcilability, doctors won’t be able to get access to their patient files in a timely manner and that ultimately leads to delays in patient stays.

The Emerging Technology

Electronic health records let doctors and medical centers to share information at any time and thereby reducing the amount of reconcilability that is existing in the current healthcare system. The patient’s information can be easily accessed from a doctor’s office to medical centers and care home, despite the location. Mobile apps which meet this sort of requirement will have a significant effect on the healthcare industry.

Healthcare mobile app development makes the whole process of accessing real-time patient information both for doctors and Medical centers. Having real time access to e-health records not only will minimize expenses but also saves as reconcilability will let doctors the capability to learn patient’s history and find a proper diagnosis in a faster way. The doctor also has the ability to access this kind of real-time patient information from the range of devices life tablets smart phones laptops etc.

  1. Demand for E-visits

According to the study done by PWC, 50% of doctors believe that the e-visits can truly replace nearly 10% of in-office patient appointments and more than 70% of doctors said that they would recommend a mobile app to assess patients in managing chronic diseases like diabetes.

Right now, among 600 million annual results to a general doctor in the US and Canada are mostly for common issues such as cold, cough, and rashes. Issues like these can be easily treated with the help of an e-prescription.

The Emerging Technology

E-visits or e-interactions between doctors and patients via calls, SMSs, and video calls are creating a huge demand for applications that let doctors and patients conduct meetings even from remote locations. This also could involve video calls or video conferences. However, there is also a requirement program to have a potential to gather patient information via pictures and forms. So that the doctor can make a good diagnosis and provide a prescription online. Such kind of e-visits will not only minimize expenses but also reduces the resource pain of in office appointments even for easy activities such as prescription renewal. Not just urban areas,  e-visits will be able to mobility challenges and requirements by providing the best healthcare services event to rural areas.

  1. Mobile Health

Mobile Health is the practice of medicine and Public health supported by smartphone devices. The industry expecting the growth of the mobile health app market to reach $26 billion across the globe by the end of this year. The utility of smartphones in the healthcare industry will not only of great convenience patients but also gives real time access greater areas of population in the rural area of the growing countries,  offering better access to healthcare.

The Emerging Technology

The reason behind the expectation of the mobile health app market to grow $26 million by the end of this year is to be latest advances in broadband availability, smartphone innovation,  and the availability of apps for smartphones. As the supply meets the demand, mobile apps can be utilized to meet various requirements in the healthcare industry such as:

—  Education and awareness
—  Helpline
—  Remote monitoring
—  Diagnosis and treatment  support
—  Remote data collection

All the above 4 friends are influencing the future of the healthcare industry. The supply and demand for the mobile app development in the healthcare industry are exceptional and it will be fascinating to witness how healthcare mobile app development contributes to the evolution of the industry. Can the supply meet the demands? Well, it is pretty difficult to conclude now but the growth of the healthcare mobile app development is promising. To know more about the healthcare mobile app development, read here.

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