Troubleshooting Guide For Cinemabox app

The cinema box application prepares you for an awesome movie watching exercise. It comes to you completely free as well. It is no wonder therefore that people simply love the idea and are in a hurry to download the file (check here apk for CinemaBox) and install in their devices.

Troubleshooting Guide ForCinemabox app

You are not restricted to Android devices only though. Watch your favorite films or TV shows without being stressed on your iPhone or iPad utilizing the same file too. No issue, if you are put off by the tiny screen. Stream the movie from cinemabox onto your smart TV and sit in your favorite chair, a tub of popcorn in hand and create a movie hall within the four walls of your home.

Sadly, every technology comes withits share of problems. Cinema box apk is no exception either. Do not be disappointed on finding that the app cannot be accessed for whatever reason. There is always a solution. Check out the tricks and tips to get it up and running in no time at all.


  • No connection /No signal / app not loading– No need to put on a sad face. You can get it up and running by in no time at all. Check your Internet connection and stay connected to watch your favorite shows. Still not working? No issues the Cinema box server may be down. This can occur when the authorities are upgrading the system trying to improve the app. It makes sense to wait for some time and try to run the app again. Chances are that things will improve allowing you to have a rip roaring time being entertained.
  • Not working–Sure, you are bound to be perturbed when find the cinema box app not working. There is no need to be anxious though. Just check whether you are running the latest updated version of cinema box apk.
  • Subtitles – Well, you had been excited about the prospect of adding and removing the subtitles via your cinema box app. Unfortunately, you may face some problem doing that occasionally. Sure having the subtitles on enables you to comprehend properly and understand a tongue that is unfamiliar to your ears. Do not fret. This is what you have to do. Check!
  • Open the app on whatever device you have it installed
  • Begin the movie/show/cartoon
  • Click or tap the CC option
  • Select the ‘Get New Subtitle’ option
  • Choose the language for your subtitle
    Hey! It’s Done!
    Go the reverse way in getting the subtitles off. Not clear about it? Read on for details…
    Your video should be playing with subtitles on when you attempt to put it off
    Check the time (minute) from whereon you want the subtitles to be gone
  • Restart the video
  • Scroll right up to the mark (minutes) that you had checked earlier
  • Wow! The subtitles disappear instantly!
  • Installation without jailbreak – Feel free to run the app from your iPhone without jailbreak. The way to do it is:-
  • You need to sign out of the App Store /  iTunes. Do not fret; you can sign on later
  • Click on the cinemabox link from your iPhone/iPad
  • Check ok and give permission
  • Tap in ‘install’ and wait for a few minutes until the process gets completed.

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