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The very first YouTube video was uploaded on April 23, 2005. Since then, YouTube has become the largest video hosting website. Thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day and over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Unfortunately, some videos get deleted because of copyright issues, owner’s reasons, or together with the channel when a user decides to deactivate his account.

Free YouTube Downloader

In case you don’t want to lose your favorite music clips, movie series or playlist, you should save them onto your PC. You can do it with the help of a good video downloader.

There are many utilities of this kind that you can find online: software, web-browser plugins, online services, and even web-browsers with a built-in feature to grab videos. The software seems to be the best option here. Online services are slow, not safe, contain too many ads, and can become unavailable when too many people use them simultaneously. Web-browser plugins usually should be installed separately for each browser. Besides, they might change your homepage and other browser settings. An all-in-one web-browser is a nice solution, but you it’ll take time to get used to another browser and move all your bookmarks, passwords, and other data from an old one.

All these three types of YouTube downloaders can save videos either in video format or in MP3. And moreover, they don’t support playlist or channel downloading. Thus, if you want to save a playlist with 100 videos, you’ll have to download them one by one. It’s way too boring and time-consuming. So that’s where a good program will save you.

Freemake Video Downloader ( is a tool you can totally rely on. It works like a charm, provides multiple options for video downloading, and is absolutely safe. The software doesn’t contain any third party applications and offers during the installation process so you can be sure that you will install only the software you need without additional staff.

Free YouTube Downloader screenshot 1

Freemake Video Downloader was 1st released in 2010 and has undergone many changes since that time. Now it’s a beautifully designed and powerful utility available for Windows Vista, Win 7, 8, and Win 10. The XP installer can be sent upon a request to Freemake Tech Support Team.

Freemake Video Downloader Installation & Interface

To start using Freemake Video Downloader, go to the official site and download it onto your PC. There are two types of the installer you can choose from. In case you have a fast Internet connection, go for the online version that will download the necessary components during the installation process. With a low-speed Internet connection, use a full installer that can be used offline as soon as you download it.

Run the installer on a PC and follow the installation process. Then start Freemake Video Downloader. You’ll see a simple, colorful tool with only two big buttons: “Paste URL” in the top left corner of the software and “Options” in the bottom left corner. Here you can choose software interface language, add your YouTube account information for saving private and restricted videos, set restrictions for downloading adult videos, and so on.

Free YouTube Downloader screenshot 2

In the center of the program, you’ll find social networks buttons: Facebook, YouTube, G+. They provide links to corresponding developer’s official accounts. Thus, if you like the software, you may follow the official devs’ page to get the latest news, updates, to take part in promo offers, and so on.

Check the “Help” tab in the top of the tool. You’ll get a list of main supported sites (Dailymotion, Vimeo, Vevo, Facebook, etc.), links to how-to guides, and info about the current software version. You don’t need to check for the updates manually. As soon as a new version is available, the software will offer you to update.

Freemake Video Downloader Options

To download a single YouTube clip, you only need to have its URL address. You can copy it right from a web-browser. Freemake Video Downloader doesn’t limit you to use a particular browser. So there is no difference whether you copy the link from Chrome, Opera, IE, Netscape, or Firefox.

When you chose a video you want to save and copied its link, click the “Paste URL” button in Freemake Video Downloader to add a video into the software. The software will detect your video and show a new window with available video qualities and formats to choose from. The software takes all the parameters available on YouTube. In most cases for new videos you’ll get low, medium, HD, Ultra HD, and 4K frame size and MP4, WebM, FLV, 3GP output extensions. The program will also show you an audio quality and an estimated file size.

Free YouTube Downloader screenshot 3

Select the necessary option and destination folder. By default, the videos will go to “My Videos”. Now click the “Download” button to save a video from YouTube. In case you want to have your video in AVI or ready to watch on a portable device, there are other steps to follow. In the window with qualities, scroll down until you see a “Convert to” option with a drop-down menu. Click it and choose an output format you need. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there will be MKV, 3GP, AVI, WMV, and Android, iPhone/iPod/iPad options.

Choose the one you want and click “Download & Convert” to download the video.

Attentive users might have already noticed that there are two options to save YouTube video in audio formats: MP3 and original audio. The latter usually comes in M4A or AAC formats. To save your video as audio, simply choose an option you need and download it as described above.

When you have several videos in a downloading queue, you can select separate quality and format for each video. However, there is a special feature to save all the video with the same parameters. It’s called One-click download mode. Pay attention to the top right corner of the software. You’ll see a button that you should use to enable the mode. Choose a destination folder for future videos, quality (Best quality, Optimal parameters, Minimal size), and an action (Download, Convert to…). From now one, all the links you add will be saved with these parameters unless you change them.

Free YouTube Downloader screenshot 4

With Freemake Video Downloader, you can also save YouTube channels and playlists (up to 500 videos). To do it, follow all the same steps as for a single video. Please note that the software doesn’t download paid videos even those you’ve bought and sets of related videos. A real playlist must contain the word playlist in the URL.

There is a little trick for playlist and channel downloading. If your connection is slow, you can limit the number of simultaneous downloads. Go to Options->Connection tab. Choose how many videos can be downloaded at one time (from 1 to 5).

Free YouTube Downloader screenshot 5

One more trick is to “Pause” a particular video by clicking a corresponding button next to it or all the downloads in case you need the Internet speed for something more urgent. You can do it with the “Pause All” button in the low right corner.

Freemake Video Downloader keeps your downloading history. Thus, you can easily check what videos you have already saved. It’s available on the Download tab.

In a nutshell, Freemake Video Downloader is a perfect tool with plenty of options for everyday use. It provides more features than any other utility of this kind. It’s stable and easy-to-use even for a non-tech user.

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