Impact of Mobile Technology on Online Shopping Trends

Impact of Mobile Technology on Online Shopping Trends

The advent of mobile phones in our lives has been nothing short of a revolution. From the first mobile phone in 1973 that weighed a massive 1.1 kg to our current smartphones that weigh like feathers, mobile phones have managed to become an integral part of our lives.

According to a survey conducted by, there are more than 1.8 billion mobile users across the world and over 80% of them use their devices to surf the internet.

This comes as a clear sign for online sellers to incorporate a mobile-friendly approach if they are looking to connect with the masses. This post looks to discuss the impact of mobile technology on online shopping trends:

1. Shoppers today have gone mobile:

Online shopping has become synonymous with in-store shopping today. Physical stores today aren’t competing with online stores anymore but are rather supplementing online options.

According to Think with Google, 84% of shoppers in physical stores are making use of their smart phones to get data on products and online.

So, retailers today are making that push to integrate themselves with mobile technology by investing in mobile apps, mobile advertisements and mobile payment across physical stores. As shoppers have gone mobile, so has deals and discounts.

2. Mobile retailer apps are personalizing their content:

Every retailer today has a mobile app for the convenience of the customer but how many customers actually install these mobile apps for shopping? This again begs a bigger question, how do retailers persuade customers to download their apps? A good mobile app today just isn’t an amazing platform for purchasing products. Online retailers are now providing a more personalized experience to pique consumer interests.

3. Mobile payments are gaining widespread acceptance:

Mobile payment options are the coming of age boon for mobile users. Online stores and retailers today are slowly upgrading their point-of-sale (POS) systems to accommodate the coming of age EMV chip technology. The EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) chip technology is fast becoming the global standard for debit card and credit card payments. These innovative systems have the capability to accept all credit card information including loyalty cards and gift cards via a mobile app. The advantage factor is what online retailers are targeting at which would then not require customers to carry any physical cards and allow the customer to shop as per their convenience.

Mobile payments


4. Mobile technology is shaping up order completion and inventory management:

Today online retailers and e-commerce websites are making strides to completely overhaul store operations and are therefore using a multitude of technologies like Beacon, NFC, M2M sensors etc which will enable them to integrate mobile-based technologies in supply chain management. This will help provide uninterrupted access to information and allow a smooth flow of data across internal and external organizations.

As one can see from above points, mobile technology is really making significant headway in impacting online shopping trends.

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