How a Complete Campaign Works to Get You More Clicks

SEO for business

When it comes to online marketing, new techniques of outreach, advertising, and messaging can be confusing for beginner business. However, it doesn’t need to be.

Creating a complete campaign including SEO is becoming necessary for any business that want to compete in the modern age.

Here are several ways such a campaign can work to get you more clicks and why you should think about investing in one.

Internal Links

One of the key elements of SEO is the concept of internal links. This simply means a link on one of your pages acts as a URL redirect to another page on your site. An external link works the same way, except it goes to another website or comes from another website to your own.

To get the most out of internal links, offer them sprinkled throughout your content to other relevant blog posts and articles on your domain.

That way, interested buyers, audience members, and prospects are more likely to click more on your site, and search engines will see your site is providing information and linking out regularly.



A meta description is a type of SEO text that appears under the search result for a particular web page in Google. For example, when you type in “red shoes,” you might see a tag line, also known as the meta description, underneath the link to the various websites. Using the “red shoes” example, a good meta description might be “We offer the best selection of shoes in town.”

The purpose of the meta description, and key to using it well, is to be descriptive of what you have to offer and make it compelling enough to convince people to click.

While it doesn’t boost your rankings, it does increase conversions.

Paid and Organic

Mixing paid and organic search elements of SEO can be a powerful technique. When you use something like the Keyword Planner offered by Google, you can see what search terms are being used the most. From there, you can choose which articles to write to attract the right kind of traffic. You can also leverage Google AdWords to get more specific data about searches. This way, you’re combining the research and results of two top platforms to engage more prospects online.

If you’re looking to increase the amount of clicks you’re getting online, you’re not alone.

Any business that wants to increase conversions can use SEO for serious results.

You don’t need to be an expert to benefit from a complete campaign, as most web design companies do this professionally and can help you achieve your projected metrics. Don’t worry about investing in this plan alone, and start enjoying more traffic and revenue for your company’s digital presence.

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