Data Quality Tools and Their Greater Impact on Organizations: Avoid These Blunders

While we all know how important is data cleansing for a business, and what significant role the data quality tools play in survival of the same business, what we should also know is there are indeed much more reasons why we should use the software. For companies surviving (that’s in the most cases these days) on customer data, data cleansing software eases a lot of complexity and the pain involved in the entire process.

Data Quality Tools

What’s even more important is that, if you do not clean your data regularly, it can turn into disaster for your business. Any blunder related to the crucial database can lead to serious ramifications for the business. Paying attention to some of the details and using some data quality software should keep you off from committing any blunders. So, what are the blunders you must avoid? Let’s see..

Duplicate data is a big risk

A messed up and unworkable database usually contains duplicate information which is a big risk for any company. All you know that you end up sending duplicate emails and letters to your long-standing clients which will obviously create a confusion for them. Moreover, this will kill your precious time and effort leading to reduced productivity.

There are some great Data Ladder reviews that doing the round due to their unique product – DataMatch 2017. This is a data deduplication software that offers a complete package. while it helps you with data cleansing and improving data quality, it also matches and de-duplicates any unwanted data with its user-friendly software suite. You can also look for any similar product from a reputed brand (although hard to get a complete package) that can help you with cleaning the databases, the excel sheets, complete data cleaning modules, or the mailing lists.

However, if you are using DataMatch you can be rest assured that it does all that and more like match or removing any duplicate records with its advanced semantic technology which was earlier available only with expensive options.

Inaccuracy in Spelling

Well, if you thought that any mistakes in spelling is only relevant for school books or writers, you are wrong! inaccurate spellings in a customer database proves to be equally disastrous for businesses. Wondering how? Imagine a company name that normally starts with the letter “A” for example, Asian Paints, ends up with a double AA in it or rather starts with the letter “E”, or missing out on that extra “s” in the company name, is a great example of utmost negligence. This will not just infuriate the clients, but can also end up in termination of the contract.

If your company cannot even spell a name right, it is bound to lose trust of even those customers who are usually not so watchful. Paying attention to details is what is required here so, make sure that the database is typed correctly and is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure there’s no such silly mistakes that can otherwise be avoided.
Inaccurate data kills productive time

So, what happens if your company database has piled some incorrect data? Just imagine, the salesperson who needs to call Mr. A for his home loan, he instead calls up Mr. B whose requirement is a personal loan. Calling up incorrect numbers automatically lead to client grievances and mending errors, which signifies a badly maintained database thus, resulting in double the efforts unnecessarily. You can utilise this time instead for offering better service using a good data cleansing software from a reputed company.

While you are searching for some great tools online, you would come across some great data ladder reviews that will help you to find the best data cleansing software offered by data ladder. Server Edition is one such product by the company that offers unmatched error tolerance, and identifies inconsistences and variations. The DataMatch Enterprise find the correct data from a database even with incomplete information. The tools find any similarities in the database irrespective of the way the data is arranged and even makes any inaccurate usable thereby, increasing productivity by saving your time and the added efforts.

Mailing and Emailing to Incorrect Address

Mailing letters to clients or emailing any important information is one of the crucial marketing approaches for the growth of the company and so, it must be done with utmost care. If you are sending out letters and emails to the wrong addresses, this will also waste your precious time and efforts. Given that you are failing to provide your clients with any important information on time, it calls for your company’s disaster.

Chances are that the records in the database is old and customer’s new address has not yet been updated. It could also be a possibility that you have two different addresses for the same customer and you are confused which is the correct one! This is the time when you should find a reliable data matching software that will not just clean data, but will also increase accuracy, cut costs on mailing and postage expenses by removing any duplicate entries using advanced matching technology, and save time and money. You need a robust data de-duplication software that comes in a complete package of data quality, cleansing, matching and de-duplication. using these types of pragmatic software will ensure that you avoid any data quality issues even before it begins.

Businesses these days are majorly dependant on customer data as this gets them more business via calls, visits and sending timely information to the existing ones. As you acquire more customers and build customer faith, the more your company grows. Therefore, it becomes extremely crucial for you to maintain that database, remove any duplicates time and again, and update the data on a regular basis. As discussed above, here you need a good data cleansing software from a reputed company namely, Data Ladder that offers different products based on your requirement.

Data Ladder Reviews suggest especially the Data Match Enterprise and Product Match that helps remove any duplicate records, keep the records error free and up-to-date, compares product catalogue to the competition, and more thus, increasing efficiency and productivity. This will eventually lead to a healthy growth of the company as it builds a good reputation with clients. So, find your data quality software today and see your business thrive in no time.

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