The Benefits of Business Process Automation for Your Employees

There’s been a lot of information written about the importance of automating your business processes. These articles and case studies talk about the benefits automation can bring to business efficiency and productivity. There is clear evidence that business process automation (BPA) can lead to fewer business errors.

These benefits mean that your business will see an increase of profits. There’s no doubt that BPA makes your company more competitive in the marketplace. But how does it impact your employees?

Business Process

Employees should be your top priority because they represent your company’s biggest asset and your largest investment.

While a great product or service is important, it’s your employees who create the customer service experience.

Their productivity and creativity are invaluable, so employee satisfaction is key. When employees are not happy in their position, they’re less productive, more prone to mistakes, and more likely to look for other opportunities.

How Do Your Employees Feel About Business Process Automation?

When you invest in a new Enterprise Content Management system, or any system to upgrade automation, it’s important to keep your fingers on the pulse of your corporate culture. There will often be staff members who are reluctant to upgrade. They have already mastered the old processes, and new technologies can be difficult to understand.

There will always be some trepidation with change. You’ll find that some staff members embrace the efficiency immediately, while others may be intimidated at the implementation. There’s always the worry that automation will replace people in the long run.

So how does this impact your business if you’ve upgraded to a new system? That depends entirely on how you manage the upgrade.

Ways to Help Employees Embrace Business Process Automation

The reality is that business process automation doesn’t just streamline corporate efficiency — it simplifies the workload for the employee, too. It helps to create an environment where employees are more able to succeed.

Upgrading to a new system is often less painful than you anticipate, however, there will be some growing pains while employees train and master the new techniques. Often, upgrades mean that productivity dips a bit during the learning process.

Here are some ways to address employee fears and support their growth:

  • Prior Discussion on Upgrades. Once you’ve chosen to upgrade to a new business process automation software, it’s important that you let employees know what they’ll be working with. This might be a whole organization meeting or through other company correspondence. Make sure that they have a supervisor who’s knowledgeable about the new system and available to answer questions.
  • Set an Implementation Date. Your new system should integrate with existing programs, but there may be kinks in different protocols used throughout your corporation at first. Setting the date in advance gives employees time to prepare, especially if they have ongoing project due dates which might fall in the same timeframe.
  • Offer Educational Opportunities. Training is the key to employee satisfaction. If employees are well educated on the software and their new protocols, they’ll find that the BPA software actually frees up their time for more important projects and job growth. But the benefits start to become apparent to employees after they’ve mastered the system. You can offer training on premise, appoint a lead person on staff who can readily answer questions and contact the vendor if there are issues, and make available training materials.

Upgrading your automation efforts is an important part of staying competitive in the marketplace. Great training and support for employees will mean higher job satisfaction and a more productive staff.

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