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Nowadays, most haunting experience for all the computer users is the loss of data. It usually affects almost all kinds of users in different ways.

Loss of data can range from losing of favorite song to loss of important contract and finally it end up with the endless grief. The free Data Recovery software EaseUS possess some user-friendly interface for you to recover files from the crashed hard drive which includes all the popular brands like Samsung, SanDisk, Western Digital, and so on.

Many may not be familiar about the hard drive recovery software prevailing in the market. And, is there a useful method to repair hard disk without losing data? The solution is simple.

The free data recovery software– EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can recover deleted files as well as formatted and corrupted hard drive without much difficulty.

Let’s discuss some of the reasons why we lose data which is stored on our machines and how to recover the lost data files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Causes for data loss on hard drive

  1. Loading your pen drive without running the antivirus scan may lead to data loss. In such a scenario, your laptop screen may go blank after sometime.
  2. Splashing of water on your laptop while doing some work may crash your system because of the water inside.
  3. Working in open air by placing your laptop on the terrace wall may lead to lack of concentration, and it may fall on the road.

In all the above scenarios, the person may lose their system. In addition to this, they may end with the loss of precious data. Many of us may not know the seriousness of this damage.

Let’s have a look at some ways to recover the data from your hard drive.

  • Connect the hard drive to another

Before you can do any work on the crashed drive you will need to remove it from the current machine (unless it is an external drive that has crashed) and connect it to another machine as a secondary drive.

If you don’t have any additional hard drive then you can connect the existing hard drive to another desktop computer internally as a secondary drive. Just make sure that your machine detects the drive in the BIOS or else you won’t be able to access it when the computer starts up.

  • Copy the data to Another Drive

After establishing connectivity with another computer either via internally or with the help of adapter, ensure whether you can browse the contents of the drive. Trying to browse the contents is really worth because the drive may not be crashed in some scenarios. Also, if you can, try to copy data off that you would like to recover. This might not work if you are trying to recover data from a dead hard drive but there is a chance that only the operating system is corrupt and the user data is still fine.

If you can’t manually copy the user data off then you can try to recover it using data recovery software. You can recover your data with simple steps:

– Initially, launch the data recovery software and then have a quick scan by clicking the scan button

– After completing the quick scanning process, your device may enter into deep scan

– Once scanning is done, you can recover the lost data just by clicking the recover button in the main screen of the software.

3 Easy Steps Recovery

Overall, all of your lost files can be retrieved easily with the help of the Ease US data recovery software.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

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  1. Recovering files with free data recovery software is now easy but not all the free software’s are working fine for recovering files from the hard drive. Therefore if you are wondering to go with the free data recovery software then you should keep in mind that data recovery software is well enough to recover your lost data.

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