How to Set Up a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program with Proper Management?

The internet is flooded with articles that suggest how to create a successful affiliate program, but most of the affiliate managers out there are clueless about how affiliate marketing works. This prevents them from getting prospects or traffic to the affiliate site, thus, blocking the sales channel.

Affiliate Marketing Program

It’s like, you have already spent a lot of time on building your ecommerce/affiliate website, used the best visuals and descriptions, spent a fortune on the pay per click promotions and SEO, but you still don’t know why it isn’t selling!

For the starters, you need to design an affiliate program that affiliate managers understand, or it will never see its full potential. This will help them understand your program well, but even you need to understand your program equally well to mutually benefit each other.

Moreover, you must also offer tips and suggestions to the affiliates that can help them learn how to promote your products and services effectively. In no time would you see your sales sky rocketing.

But, how would you or the affiliates know how much revenue you are generating and what the affiliates There’s a simple solution to this and that’s a powerful affiliate tracking application like LeadDyno, that helps the affiliates keep a track of the activities and commissions in real-time. Yes, so, you need to acknowledge the use of these vital tools as well.

Encourage Best Practices

Okay, so this is not a competition where you have to beat the other person and so, you are not allowed to communicate till the last leg. You are open to share best practices on blogs or forums with other affiliate marketers. As an affiliate, you must stay active in the industry to keep learning new practices or techniques for increased sales and higher earnings.

This will create a mutual trust and even you will start benefitting from what other’s share. So, it’s basically about building relationships moving out of your comfort zone.

Help Affiliates Increase their Earning Potential

While the affiliates review your program, they may vanish in no time if the conversion rates are low on your website. Therefore, the primary objective of your affiliate program should be to help affiliates earn more so that they are keen to promote your products.

Understand the Importance of Content Sites

It’s not the name of your website, brand, or the discounts that get you sales, but it’s the product itself that drives that maximum sales. Affiliates that provide datafeed on their websites, general content, or those who offer a dedicated niche are the ones where the majority of the sales should come from.

So, if a merchant sells fashion apparels, they should work with sites that produce content on trending outfits for men, women, and kids, or that focuses on only one specific gender. If it’s an ecommerce website like Amazon, they can work with multiple websites in different niche that can range from electronic gadgets to beauty products.

These are the type of websites where the owner usually puts in that added time and effort into campaigns. These sites usually get their traffic via datafeed pages, social media platforms, and by simply using some regular outdated banner in just the right space.

Provide Support to the Customers of The Affiliates

It’s the affiliate’s credibility that’s at stake while promoting your products and services. Hence, as a merchant you must appreciate that fact and try and offer them support in different forms for instance:

  • Offer a return policy that’s fair and transparent.
  • Offer quality products and services.
  • Making sure of sincere fulfilment of services, delivery, and quality.

Recognize the Efforts Wherever Required

Make sure that your program is designed in such a way that it can track a customer’s sale even if he saw an “A” product, and came back after a few days and purchased “B” product. It is indeed a sale that got triggered based on the first visit of the customer and so, the affiliate must be recognized for the same by awarding him the due commissions.

Get the Required Tools and Resources

Loyalty, referrals, and affiliate tracking applications are some of the must-have tools and resources that every affiliate should have. There are some merchants like Shopify come along with the set of analytics that help the affiliates track they loyalty points, referrals earned, and view the commissions in real-time.

Help the Affiliates Sell

Each affiliate has its own way of selling your products and services, and so you must offer them a range of options to choose from. It can be anything from a collection of images, videos, blogs, articles, animations, and so on that can help them sell your product effectively.

Assist the Affiliates to Access their Earnings

The affiliate marketing software are the best to help your affiliates keep a track of their sales and earnings. Among all the other tools that you may find useful is LeadDyno that helps you keep track of the conversions and commission in real-time via its app and dashboard. It is also the only software that has its own wide network of affiliates. You can connect with the influencers and the affiliates who can promote your product for you thus, increasing the affiliate’s earnings.

Reward Affiliates for Affiliate Referrals

While your affiliates can earn from referring customers, they can also earn from referring other affiliates. As a merchant you can create two-tier or multi-tier affiliate programs where your direct affiliates can earn commissions when they successfully get other affiliates signed up for your program.

Provide Adequate Training to the Affiliates

Training should be a part of your affiliate program without fail. While some affiliates may be super in sales, the beginners may need your help. You can provide training materials like articles, manuals, webcasts, videos, etc. from time to time so that new affiliates know where to get help from when in doubt. Make them feel valuable enough by convincing them that they need to be trained.

Keep that Communication Channel Open

Most of the affiliates do not remember how many programs have they signed up for, and that’s mostly due to the lack of communication with the merchant. It would be a good idea to keep in regular touch with the affiliates perhaps via email. Make sure that the email has that personal touch instead of making it appear just for the sake of it. Each time you email, there must be some useful message for the affiliates making them feel important.

Whether it’s your blog, an affiliate website, or an ecommerce store, you must ensure that the affiliate program is implemented in the right manner for maximum revenue. From a single product to a wide range of products like on the, everyone should be able to gain from your affiliate program. Help your affiliates understand how the program works, implement the right strategies and the right tools like an effective affiliate tracking application and watch your sales shoot up in no time.

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