Digital Native Marketing is not something introduced today. It has been there since the times of internet itself. It’s not only flourishing rapidly day by day, it is also playing a vital role in the success of different businesses.

As found by Business Insider, native advertising will drive 74 percent of all add revenue by 2021, which is actually a huge number and a great achievement indeed.

Native Advertising

To take maximum benefit out of a thing, first of all, you need to gather knowledge about it. Here we tell you five important things that you need to know about native shopping trend.

1. Focus will shift to mobile ad revenue

In 2017, Mobile represented 59.9% of all web traffic. As said by Forbes, mobile web traffic will increase by 800 times in the coming years. This percentage shows how necessary mobile native marketing has become. To take more benefit, you should not only use social campaigns but also display your content properly.

Likewise, Sharethrough reports that 97% of mobile users found that native ads were extremely or to some degree compelling at achieving branding goals.

2. The rise of video native advertising

Mobile ad revenue

Video native advertisement is doing wonders these days because the quality of attention-grabbing in videos is just awesome. According to the results of an experiment done on video native advertisement and pre-roll advertisement, video native advertisement always took to the trophy because it caters to people’s interest, unlike pre-roll advertisement that causes disruption in the content that people are watching. Studies reveal that native ads generate 82% brand lift as compare to pre-roll ad, that generates just 2.1% brand lift.

3. Native advertising has spread to new platforms

Another wonderful fact about native advertisement is that it is spreading to new platforms. With the help of social media, native advertisements are getting to a whole new level. The next trend is ads in video games and mobile games, this shows the immense growth of native advertisement in all platforms.

People often confuse native advertisement with sponsored ads although both are interchangeable to some extent, but there is a slight difference between both terms and native advertisement is limited to a company’s creativity and budget.

4. Labelled content

The most important thing in native advertising is labelled content because gaining a consumer’s trust is very important. According to a research, even if people click accidentally on a native advertisement they don’t pay any attention to it unless or until it is labelled as sponsored or so.
Labelling your content not only gains a positive response from consumers, it also gets a customer’s trust and satisfaction for you. Therefore you should always take care that whenever you use a native advertisement never forget to label your content properly.

5. Credibility

In the present era, the most difficult task for a brand is to gain its customer’s trust. Brands nowadays use native advertisement to establish there good image and trust in the eyes of their consumers. They include wonderful quotes and magic of mesmerizing words in order to so.

When a brand delivers quality information to its customers and adds clarity in their advertisement the customer is automatically attracted towards that brand. If a brand takes care of these small things while doing their native advertisement it proves itself credible enough to compete in the market and satisfy its customer.

These were some of the informative facts that one should know about native advertisement before actually starting doing it. We see in the present era how competition in every business between different companies and brands is increasing day by day, therefore, magneto development companies are working to hire magneto developer because satisfaction of a consumer is the priority of every business either it is a huge one or a small one. We hope you are now going to take maximum benefit by using native advertisement because hopefully, we gave you enough tips and knowledge about it. Happy reading!

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