Building a Video Wall for Gaming

Video Wall for Gaming

The love for electronic gaming started in the 1960s when people flocked to the arcade for games such as Periscope and Crown Soccer Special. Other games that were popular during this era included Duck Hunt, Grand Prix, and Missile. The introduction of PC and gaming consoles in the 1970s led to the emergence of a home-gaming culture. However, the spirit of communal gaming persisted.

For example, people gather every year for the Pokémon World Championships and the League of Legends Championship. However, most of the attendees watch the game as opposed to playing it.

In fact, 13,000 people attended the League of Legends Championships in 2013.

How can they view a single game in one arena? The answer lies in having a video wall.

The League of Legends Season 3
The League of Legends Season 3 World Championship

Video walls help you when it comes to tapping into the gaming industry. Remember, this industry generates $74 billion annually. In the US alone, it is worth $23.5 billion making it the third-largest entertainment segment in the country. People love it. In fact, 49% of adults in the US have played it once in their lifetime. Tap into this lucrative market today. Start by building a video wall for gaming.

  • Determine the Size of the Display

The layout of the room matters when you are making this determination. For example, a room that is wide, shallow, and has a low ceiling requires a short and wide video wall. In contrast, square video walls are suitable for large rooms that have a high ceiling. Other considerations are important as well.

For example, what is the aspect ratio of the video games that you will display on your wall? Remember, most of the games developed from 2005 to 2013 had an aspect ratio of 16:9.

However, aspect ratios of 21:9 are the standard in today’s gaming world.

Consider this factor as you build your video wall for gaming.

It is worth noting that the layout of your monitors influences the resolution of your wall. More specifically, different arrangements may result in aspect ratios of 16:10, 16:9, 5:4, and 4:3 among others. The individual displays determine the aspect ratio of the wall as well. Consult an expert today who will help you build a video wall that has the right shape and aspect ratio.

  • Calibrate the Video Wall Correctly

The setup determines whether this video wall will work correctly or if it will work at all. Remember, gamers hate interruptions. Consequently, you will lose a lot of business if incorrect calibrations lead to interferences with their gaming experience. Start this calibration process by examining the video wall controller, graphics board, and daisy chain.

Video Wall Controller: It refers to a connection box with an input and multiple outputs. Connect each screen to a single output. Connect the gaming device to this box, and it will distribute the signal to the screen on your video wall.

Graphics Board: It refers to multiple graphics cards that connect to specific screens. You can use standard ones or opt for specialized cards that enhance the quality of the images displayed on the screen. Opt for graphics boards that can support as many of them as possible. Doing so will help you improve the gaming experience for your customers.

Daisy Chain: It refers to a specific connection method that is common in digitized ad-board monitors. It allows for a serial connection across all monitors with the primary one being on the first monitor. The configuration is automatic after that with each monitor displaying a specific tile.

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