Top 7 Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media

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Are you looking out for the best legal social media services? If still confused, then read these 7 amazing ways that can help you generate more leads with social media for your business.

1. Generate Leads through Gated Content

Gated content is the content hidden behind a virtual gate. If you have valuable content and readers are interested to read it then they would be willing to offer some basic contact information to get its access.

You can share the link of gated content to a landing page where potential readers can offer their information. Readers who assume that your content is truly valuable will share their information and the same can be used to generate leads.

2. Conduct Contests

While running contests you need to meet two important criteria. First, it must offer your audiences some value and secondly it must target people who have the highest potential to become your clients.

If your prize is valuable then the audience would like to enter into the contest. The value here is not only monetary, but is about offering prizes that are genuinely interested in the readers, an extended duration to use the service, and more.

3. Use Social Media Advertising

Facebook leads, Instagram leads, and things like these can be used in order to generate leads. Social media promotion can target and collect leads even from laser-focused groups of potential clients to an all-new level. You need to use highly specific target audiences to promote the content in a way so that the advertising cost stays low.

4. Bring Facebook Custom Tabs to Use

Facebook tabs are menu items appearing in the left side column of a Facebook Page. Most of the businesses use this tab to highlight themselves, their photos, events, and more. There are some custom tabs, which can be used to highlights special offers and contest for lead generation.
You can either create these tabs from scratch or use Facebook page apps to create custom tabs easily without having any knowledge of coding or investing in expensive social media lead generation software.

5. Host a Live Video, Webinar, or Hangout

Webinars are one of the finest content types for gated content offers. In addition to this, you can host live videos on social channels and Google+ hangouts to generate new leads. While generating video make sure that interested viewers have to register themselves. This will help you get their contact details.

Alternatively, you can open the video to a wider audience and generate leads from there. This can be done by offering contests, offers, and utilizing other social media lead generation tools to encourage live interaction among the audiences. Then follow their live comments in order to generate leads with social media.

6. Use Geotargeted Social Search

This is an excellent technique for local businesses. This kind of search can help local businesses to find exact people to target and reach out to them to invite them to your business or to your offer. You can conduct Geotargeted search based on Twitter advanced search, Hootsuite, or Hootlet Chrome extensions.

7. Use Social Media Listening

The acts of social media listening are about keeping a virtual ear to the ground and understand what is happening in the industry. It helps you to know who is talking about you as well as your online competitors. It can help you fetch potential business leads you are looking to engage with a business like yours.

Using these techniques can help your business generate great leads with social media. To ensure you get the best social media services for your business contact AIS Technolabs. The company offers the best legal social media services that can help your business earn great leads and awesome revenue!

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Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on fashion social media marketing and Game Design Development etc.

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