Discover The Data Cleaning Secrets

The Data Cleaning Secrets
The importance of data cleansing is often underrated and if you’re running a successful business and you’re looking to grow and expand your business then the one thing that you need to keep in mind is to clean and effectively maintain your data on a regular basis.

Cleaning data might seem like a hectic task and honestly, the longer you delay it the worse it gets which is why you need to approach the situation as soon as possible or in this case as soon as you get your hands on the data.

This cuts down the amount of time you would have had to invest in cleaning larger batches and it helps you to put the data to use in the most effective way possible. It also helps you to get ahead of the competition by making use of the data in the best way to connect with potential leads sooner. If you’re not too sure how you should clean your data, then here are a few secrets about data cleaning that should help you ace the process.

Make a Copy

This may seem like a very simple step that a lot of business owners choose to ignore believing that they will use the final copy once the cleaning process is complete. However, there could be those rare scenarios where you could lose out on all your data which is why making a copy is always beneficial. This copy should be made before you begin the process of data cleaning and once you finish off the process you can replace the file with the clean copy.

Always keep one backup for your file in case something goes wrong.

While you can save the backup on your system, it’s more beneficial to do it on a cloud so you don’t need to worry about losing the file. When you replace your backup with a clean one it’s always best to check the file you replaced as well. This will help you to keep a good quality file and it will also help you to save on space.

Clean Your Data in a Separate Worksheet

Whenever you begin to clean the data, make sure you use a separate sheet to begin the process.

A lot of people begin cleaning their data with an old sheet or add the unclean data to their existing list of data to clean it.

This usually ruins the format of the data and it makes it tough for you to segregate the clean data and it could also potentially ruin your master file where all your data is saved and cleaned. Instead of taking such a big risk it always makes more sense to start off fresh and once you have a list of clean leads you can add it to your existing master file so you know that it will always be clean and there is nothing that can corrupt the file.

It’s very important for you to keep your file clean and protect the main data file because you will invest a lot of time to clean your data and maintain it. Without a clean list you will not be able to function as effectively as you would like which is why you need to make sure you protect the main file. It also helps you to save on a lot of time when you clean smaller files in comparison to when you try to clean a large file in one go.

Report Errors Back to the Original Source

The idea of cleaning your data on a regular basis is so that you don’t have to worry about going through the tedious process over and over again and you manage to find a solution that helps you to save on time.

You need to use data cleansing to your benefit. The best way to get this done is to take your time to make note of the various issues that the file consists of.

If you point out the errors, it helps you to sort out the file in a more effective way and this helps you to save on the time that you will need for the following files. In order for your business to become a successful one you need to plan ahead and reduce the amount of time that you invest in processes such as data cleaning. The only way you will be able to do this is when you learn from the previous errors and make an effort to improve on it. When you evolve with the data that you save, it helps you to save on a lot of time that you would have invested in cleaning the new batch of data. It also protects the format and helps you to get more information out of the data.

Use Excel Functions to do the Hard Work

Every business owner needs a different format and while it may seem easy to try and use the simple functions that are already available with excel to format the file, it’s always best to learn some detailed functions that can help you to sort out the data in a format that you want.

While there are various kinds of formats available, it’s best to pick one that your employees are most comfortable with.

This not only helps you to use the data in the most effective manner, it also delivers results that you have been looking for.

The requirement for every business is a little different from each other which is why it is always best to pick something that works well for your organization after experimentation and trial.

Do not immediately opt in for a plan that you think will work well, instead take your time to check out the various options that you can find available and choose something that fits into your requirements perfectly. Although there are various ways for you to succeed, make sure you figure out techniques that work well for your business and stick to them once you figure them out.

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