7 Benefits of Operations Management Software

Operations Management Software

As a working professional, you know just how important it is to have all those seemingly ‘little’ pieces of software that help you organize your daily life. From Microsoft Outlook with its ever-present calendar and address book, to those social networks that keep you in touch with colleagues and friends alike, you rely on that technology on a daily basis.

When it comes to operations management, no matter what your specialization, there are simply some ‘must-have’ programs you really should become familiar with.

Let’s look at just seven of the benefits of operations management software within the scope of your responsibilities.

1. Simplification

Stepping back for just a moment, let’s look at how you got that Master of Science Operations Management degree online. There was no way to take a lengthy hiatus from work to further your knowledge and expertise within your field, so you opted to do your graduate work 100% online. In a word, it simplified your life in that you could manage continue working while advancing your degree. If you had to choose between work or school, can you imagine the toll it would take on you?

There was a time when students had no choice because the Internet wasn’t widely accessible and distance learning wasn’t in existence yet. Today, it is ‘simple’ to further your academic degree while continuing on in your chosen field. Operations management software can be customized to run seamlessly in the background to do such tasks as delegating jobs so that you really can be in two (or more!) places at the same time.

2. Accessibility

Another benefit of operations management software is accessibility. You don’t need to be at your desk to log on to oversee progress in any department. Cloud-based operations management software such as Global Shop Solutions is a great example of this kind of software for the manufacturing industry. It’s promoted as being an industry leader in keeping foremen and management in touch with literally every job in real time. The beauty is, you don’t even need to be on site to see what’s happening in literally every department.

Altogether too often in the past, jobs were halted until the boss could be contacted if they were off-site. Sometimes they would be at a sales meeting with a potential new client and other times they may have been at a board meeting or even home sick. With Cloud-based operations management software, it’s hands on 24/7 from literally every corner of the earth!

3. Customization

No two companies are alike, even within the same industry or even in the same market area. The right operations management software can be totally customized to their particular needs. Whether it is having the ability to access the software remotely or setting some processes to run automatically on schedule, many of the jobs which previously took manpower hours can be customized right into the package. Whether front or back end solutions are needed, software can be customized to suit the needs of the business.

4. Integration

Operations management software also allows for the integration of a number of digital tools. Most have a user friendly dashboard that allows you to integrate other programs being used in production or throughout the office. Some programs come with a set of tools while others have the ability to integrate with MS Office, QuickBooks and other commonly used software. While some software does away with the need for those programs because those functions are included, others allow for easy integration, and that’s something to be considered when customizing the platform to your needs.

5. Visibility

Because operations management software can be accessed locally or from a remote location, all systems are visible and can be called up as needed. That’s something which appeals to large as well as small companies and in every industry imaginable. The point is, although common in manufacturing, other industries can utilize software like this. From healthcare to retail sales, every company is organized into operational procedures and visibility is key for management.

6. Communications

No company could run well without a channel of communications in place. Email is most common but the right operations management software comes not only with email capabilities but many also have local network messaging. Whether production needs further clarification on an order or the front office needs to communicate with the production lines, the right software will have communication features built in and easily accessible.

7. Warehousing

Because the software is accessible remotely, it’s easy for sales staff to quickly access availability of products in the warehouse. This helps them to be better able to lock down orders in terms of time scheduling for customers. It also helps production to keep track of what needs to be restocked so that there is always the required stock on hand.

A Well-Rounded Software Platform is Needed

As you can see, every department from HR to production benefits from operations management software. While it is possible to get all of this accomplished with a series of unrelated software programs, it just makes good business sense to have one software platform that has the capability of seeing to all operations, in-house and out.

In the end, it is far easier and much more cost-effective to have one central dashboard from which to operate. This software will be accessible to everyone from the lowest paid hourly worker to the CEO, but obviously with permissions granted as needed. It is a way for upper management to keep an eye on day to day operations without those endless meetings that drain time and energy which could be better spent elsewhere.

The software you choose should also be flexible, so keep that in mind. You won’t want something that necessitates an IT team on hand 24/7, so make sure the dashboard is user-friendly with the commands easily understood so that you can reprogram some of the jobs that change over time.

Technology can be your best friend, but it can be your worst nightmare if you choose the wrong solutions.

Operations management software is meant to be your “right hand man”, so choose wisely.

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