Advantages of Using Android Emulators and the Best Picks for Windows 10

Android Emulators

Android emulators have a host of advantages to offer techno-savvy people. The article below is to discuss the important advantages of these emulators and the best emulators to mention for gamers and developers.

1. Modify Your Desktop with the Best Android Applications

Why stay limited to your smart phone when you can have all your favourite android apps set up on your Windows computer? That’s right. With the right android emulator you can download and install apps from the Play Store directly on your desktop so that you can access everything you need from one device.

2. Magnified Display

Screen time is not great for the eyes, but it is even worse when cram in front of your mobile screen for hours. What you inadvertently get from doing that is a stiff neck, strained eyes and a throbbing headache. Android emulators make can make your screen time easier on you by allowing you to have a wonderful gaming experience on your computer. Play the same android games that you are hooked to, only play it with a bigger and better display, because no matter how large your smartphone screen gets, it cannot top your desktop screen, can it?

3. Excellent Controls for Work and Play

Whether you want to work or play, your laptop or desktop computer can provide you with more comfort and control than your smartphone. An emulator for your Windows can enable you to run your android apps that you choose to work on as well as play games that you would find on the Play Store only on your computer. This is one of the most important reason why emulators have so quickly become so popular amongst this generation of android users and gamers.

4. Freedom from Limited Battery Life

How many times have you been at some crucial point in a game or onto some serious work when the low battery warning on your smartphone has come up? This is one issue that can definitely be sorted by an emulator. With an android emulator you can continue with exactly what you were doing on your smartphone and simply shift your activities to your desktop or laptop. Or better still, simply get started on your favourite work or game app on your pc itself.

5. Multitask on Multiple Apps All At Once

Some android emulators allow you to access multiple apps at the same time with multi-display feature on your computer screen. While you can run multiple apps on your phone as well, you do not get to view all the app screens at the same time. This makes emulators beneficial for those who are working on multiple things at the same time or those who require to have multiple screens open at once.

6. Optimize Resources and Say Goodbye to Lags

No matter how high resolution or heavy an android game is, you wont have to worry about your phone specs anymore. With an android emulator for your Windows or Mac, you can play the games you want to without experiencimg any lag or work seamlessly on apps that require more power to run properly.

Best Emulators for Windows 10 and What They Do Best

Given the amazing advantages that can be derived from the use of third party android emulators, it is little wonder that so many developers have come up with such a wide range of emulators. However, not all emulators are well suited to every function or every computer system. For example, there are android emulators which require a heavy rig to function smoothly and prefer a Windows 10 64-bit OS to any other version.

If you are looking to run the best android emulator for windows 10 or Mac and still unsure regarding which to pick, here’s a handy guide for you.

Android Emulators for Gamers

  • BlueStacks 4: When it comes to emulators for gaming, BlueStacks wins hands down on popularity. There are multiple versions of BlueStacks, but for Microsoft’s mightiest operating system, BlueStacks 4 is the perfect fit. The latest version of BlueStacks run Nougat, and allows you to work on almost all the apps available on Google Play Store from your Windows 10.
  • KoPlayer: Ko Player would have definitely been more popular had people known more about its existence. This emulator is fairly easy to install and runs on Lollipop, which means that you will be able to use most of the android apps from the Store. One of its best features is that it allows screen recording- the reason why gamers who know about Ko Player love it.
  • Nox 6: The Nox Player has been designed as an emulator for the purpose of gaming, so if you are a hard-core gamer who majorly just wants to play android games on PC, Nox is the player for you. Nox 6 is most compatible with Windows 10 and comes with lots of great features which makes game play a smooth experience.

Android Emulators for Developers

  • Android Studio: Android Studio for Windows 10 is the best option for developers as it comes with a ton of tools which can be used by developers to make apps and games for android. While this is not a good choice for beginner level developers or the common user, any one with good technical knowhow ought to be able to navigate the complex set up process.
  • Xamarin: Xamarin for Windows is a great choice for developers as it allows you to run, demo, debug or even simulate android apps on your personal computer. Like Android Studio, Xamarin also comes with built-in emulators which are useful for testing out apps and games. While this IDE is free for personal use, the set-up is complicated enough to turn off regular users.
  • GenyMotion: GenyMotion allows you to completely emulate Android and comes heavily packed with amazing developer centric features. For developers who want to make profits from the apps/games they are building and require pro usage need to pay a small yearly fee for using this emulator. However, for regular users or budding developers who want to test out their skills, GenyMotion offers an abridged free version.

There are some other really popular android emulators for Windows 10 like MEmu, ARChon etc. For the best overall android experience on your computer, select the latest version of emulators which are compatible for your Windows system and processor.

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