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Microsoft Takes A Deep Dive Unto Underwater Data Centers

Microsoft Underwater Data Centers

Microsoft wants to dive into new areas for placing data centers. The company is experimenting with putting new data centers under water to reduce cooling costs and accelerate delivery. The Ocean Floor Putting data centers at ocean depths provides one practical benefit — it reduces the need for air conditioning to keep components from heating up. It also reduces the …

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Microsoft continues to innovate and bring popular devices to the market

Breaking Down Microsoft

Breaking Down the New Microsoft The software industry and technology in general, never stands still for a moment and unless you can adapt and evolve to these constant challenges, your business can soon lose valuable momentum. This reflects the task that faces the CEO of a behemoth corporation like Microsoft and a why many industry analysts seem to think that …

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Microsoft HealthVault Development 101: Health Information Innovation from Microsoft

Microsoft HealthVault

Health Information Innovation from Microsoft Microsoft HealthVault (HV) offers a distinctive, feature-packed innovation platform to enable patient and consumer engagement. The following are a few capabilities available with the platform: Microsoft-based platform to build health information storage and drive innovation Inbuilt functionality to enhanced data provenance, privacy and security Neutrality of vendors Agile health record data type system which enables …

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Microsoft to donate Office 365 to nonprofits

Given the fact that the largest shareholder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is one of the biggest benefactors of the world , there is nothing surprising in the fact that Microsoft will initiate a new proposal for non-profit organizations. On Tuesday, the company announced that it will provide free licenses to the cloud office suite Office 365. The corporation said that …

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Microsoft has released of Windows 8 Embedded Industry preview

Microsoft Corp. today presented a preliminary version of the industrial operating system Windows 8 Embedded Industry, for use in a variety of industrial and retail equipment such as POS, reception at the airport, vending systems, information terminals, etc etc. Place to present new products the company has chosen not by chance – the OS was shown at the conference of …

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Microsoft changes its strategy with the release of Windows 8

Microsoft Corp. began selling last Friday of the operating system Windows 8, which company executives at a development called the most risky their product. The new platform was an attempt of the largest software maker to restructure the new reality: instead of traditional PC users increasingly prefer smartphones and tablets. The new platform was an attempt of the largest software …

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Started sales of Microsoft Windows 8 Professional

26 October start selling the new operating system Microsoft Windows 8 Professional, which fans have been waiting eagerly for the past three years, with the previous version, Windows 7. Microsoft Windows 8 Professional – an ultra-modern operating system with a lot of new features and functions. For the first time Microsoft has OS, suitable not only for personal but also …

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