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Big Business = Big Data: Six Better Virtual Organization Tips

Big Business - Big Data

While in years past, files were organized physically in file cabinets, today’s office looks much different. As more companies go paperless, they must find ways to organize data online and digitally. Whether its employees in the field, or multiple offices worldwide, here are six ways big data can be virtually organized for a better and more efficiently run company. 1. Use …

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3 Examples of How Big Data is Changing the Future of Product Design

How Big Data is Changing the Future of Product Design

Product design can be a complex process. In the past, creating the concept for something new might have involved clay models, a drafting table, a team of artists, and many sets of blueprints. While some of these elements may still be used today, the process has been streamlined a great deal by technology. Taken a step further, the availability of …

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5 Ways Big Data will Transform How We Work

all cloud services

Along with cloud computing, big data is the biggest buzzword in the industry today. Big data refers to a collection of data so large and complex that it is difficult to process using the available database management tools. By processing, it means, storing, manipulating, capturing, analyzing etc. The processing of Big Data is done by specialized tools like Hadoop, which …

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Discover The Data Cleaning Secrets

The Data Cleaning Secrets

The importance of data cleansing is often underrated and if you’re running a successful business and you’re looking to grow and expand your business then the one thing that you need to keep in mind is to clean and effectively maintain your data on a regular basis. Cleaning data might seem like a hectic task and honestly, the longer you …

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What Makes Data Scientists Valuable for Your Business?

Data Scientists

Data and information have always been very crucial in all walks of life from very old ages. Traditional ways would be used to manage and benefit from it in the past. But, with the advent of the modern concept of big data, it has become more complex to skim its hidden value for business, and manage it properly without the …

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A step into the data recycling affordability with KillDisk Industrial

KillDisk Industrial

The arsenal of bulk data erasure is not that diverse when you take a look at the current product lineup under the microscope. A huge share of the market is still overpriced, while hardware solutions remain the focus of the high-end enterprises. The release of KillDisk Industrial took place just on time – the audience is willing to digest almost …

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