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Six Gadgets Pushing the Envelope in Healthcare Today

Healthcare Today

The advancement of internet-based and wireless technology is breathing new life into nearly all business operations including the healthcare industry. As healthcare information increases its advancement in electronic and office-based technology, some gadgets have been made available to improve lifestyle and office processes. Doctors and physicians who stay up-to-date with new technology trends increase the value of their services and …

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Mobile App Testing – All That You Should Know About It

Mobile App Testing

These days, mobile technology is transforming the way people are using smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices. While the demand for consumer and enterprise apps is also increasing, allowing businesses to work more efficiently towards their business goals. No matter which industry you belong to like retailer, automobile, finance, pharmaceuticals & healthcare, the mobile application usage has been extended to …

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7 Benefits of Operations Management Software

Operations Management Software

As a working professional, you know just how important it is to have all those seemingly ‘little’ pieces of software that help you organize your daily life. From Microsoft Outlook with its ever-present calendar and address book, to those social networks that keep you in touch with colleagues and friends alike, you rely on that technology on a daily basis. …

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What Makes Data Scientists Valuable for Your Business?

Data Scientists

Data and information have always been very crucial in all walks of life from very old ages. Traditional ways would be used to manage and benefit from it in the past. But, with the advent of the modern concept of big data, it has become more complex to skim its hidden value for business, and manage it properly without the …

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Tech Takeover: 4 Industries Where Technology Is Key

4 Industries Where Technology Is Key

While technology plays a key role in almost every industry, there are certain markets and sectors that are more heavily reliant on new innovation than others. From obvious examples like IT service providers to less overt markets, such as the medical industry, there are countless industries that owe their recent growth or even their very existence to technology developed in …

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A Week in Security: news stories and security related happenings

Security News

Notable news stories and security related happenings: Techie Finds 1.5 MEELLION US Medical Records Exposed on Amazon’s AWS. “It has been claimed that the names, addresses, and phone numbers, along with biological health information including existing illnesses and current medications, were posted in the clear to Amazon S3 storage servers by insurers using Systema Software.” (Source: The Register)

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