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Mobile App Testing – All That You Should Know About It

Mobile App Testing

These days, mobile technology is transforming the way people are using smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices. While the demand for consumer and enterprise apps is also increasing, allowing businesses to work more efficiently towards their business goals. No matter which industry you belong to like retailer, automobile, finance, pharmaceuticals & healthcare, the mobile application usage has been extended to …

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Mobile Application Development For Better Marketing Of Your Business

Application Development

There is a very established cliche that mobile apps are implied just for expansive companies, for example, – Shopping sites, Banks and many more. Mobile apps are valuable for huge companies, as well as even small scales companies can make compelling utilisation of them. More little/medium measured companies are following the mobile trend and connecting with their customers through mobile …

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5 Tips For Making Your Business Mobile App More User Friendly

5 Tips For Making Your Business Mobile App

Building software has always been a tradeoff between time to market and a quality user experience. Developers who are looking for a quick buck far too often sacrifice the latter for the former and as a result produce applications that are of limited long term use. The alternative is to produce software that serves users and their long-term purposes. Here …

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Mobile App UI/UX Design Facts Revealed for The Designers

Mobile App UI/UX Design Facts Revealed for The Mobile App Designers

Application design is a very important stage of the comprehensive work on the development of the entire application. Mobile design is a very complex issue. It’s not just the beautiful buttons we see. So, except for the technical skill of learning how to draw, you would also need a deep understanding of mobile usability and a feeling of beauty. You …

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Five Things to Check before Launching Your First Mobile App

Your First Mobile App

App development has become a vast world. For a business getting ready to launch a new mobile application, there are a lot of things to consider and check before getting underway. There are points when a business owner will feel they have potentially overlooked something really important for the launch. It could be how they planned on getting success in …

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Xamarin Features Will Assure Full Control of Your Mobile Apps

Xamarin App Development

When it comes to an average company to launch an app, it can turn out to be a problem as there are plenty of points to consider. Time, budget, specialists, and, of course, a platform to work with. So, let’s try to study it a little bit. So, you have several options: native platform development and cross-platform development. Supporters of …

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