Make appealing PowerPoint presentations to win your business

If you want to give a great presentation to your clients or boss, the ability of making PowerPoint is a very important factor. Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular software we need for presentation. How can we make it better? Beautiful templates and images, clear tables as well as innovative logo are indispensable materials, and all these could be done …

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5 Software To Find Out Missing Windows Drivers

When we are reinstalling the operating system, searching and installing all drivers again can be really boring. It is even troublesome if you lost the Driver CD and you don’t know the drivers’ model and version required for your PC. Don’t worry, the following lists some great software to help you, just choose one in accordance with your needs. Double …

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Play musical instruments on your PC for fun

Regardless you want to learn to play a musical instrument or you are already a veteran instrument player, you will find it much fun to play little virtual instrument games on your PC. For music addicts, you can play your favorite instruments anywhere you have a PC. Now let me introduce you 6 software that allow you to learn or …

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Happy Birthday To . On 22nd 2011 – July 26th 2011 Organizes A Great Activity On Twitter. Only if you join this, the 9thAnniversary Limited Edition T-shirts will be ready for you. Happy Birthday To . Thanks For All The Users Who Laugh Heartily & Grow Together With Us. For The ’s 9th Birthday, we organize …

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Yahoo to Create Company With Benchmark Capital

Yahoo! Inc. and Benchmark Capital recently announced that thy will form an independent company, Hortonworks, which consists of key architects and core contributors to the open source Apache Hadoop technology pioneered by Yahoo! The technology has gained ground with the expansion of cloud computing, adopted by major Internet and high-tech companies including AOL, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and IBM. The new …

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Art+iPad Make Your Life Fantastic!

Various arts around the world enrich our life,widen our eyesight, bring us good feelings and makes our life more fantastic. However, in this busy modern world, many people are too busy to enjoy the arts. While, the revolutionary device, iPad, from Apple Inc., bring the world’s most cherish arts to our hands! Here are some iPad apps about arts for …

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Save Deleted Files and Lost Data

Data Recovery

Save Deleted Files and Lost Data: useful software Have deleted files with Shift + Delete but find them useful? Don’t worry, data recovery software can help you out. Here we list some useful and great software to recover data from your hard disks, memory cards or other devices, just choose some you need.

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