Best child monitoring app – When social media ignites depression

Best child monitoring app

Social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives. People find it difficult to live their daily normal life without logging into their Facebook profile once a day. The more the technological advancement, the lesser interaction amongst people is creating socially awkward creatures. People talk less to each other and are more active in posting status updates. The …

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Tips to Help with Dynamic CRM Data Migration

Dynamic CRM Data Migration

Data migration is usually complex. This is regardless of whether you are only working around Salesforce or using other contact management solutions. There are so many challenges that you will have to deal with. The important thing is to prepare beforehand and not take anything for granted. Below are some of the tips you should consider using. Know the size …

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Business Breaks: How to Improve Communication Techniques

Communication Techniques

Building a successful business is all about people. If you communicate with your customers, you’ll build deeper relationships and be better equipped to serve their needs. Getting the chance to speak with your customers in the first place can be a challenge though. These days it feels like everybody is already too distracted for you to get their attention. How …

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Active@ Partition Recovery – an effective tool for data recovery

Active@ Partition Recovery

Those who are suffering from partition errors, need to be able to recover their valuable data – this can be done with the help of the Active@ Partition Recovery Utility. That said, let us to discuss the Active@ Partition Recovery Tool in more detail. Although Partition Recovery focuses on partition recovery operations (overwritten or damaged partition data), it is still …

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5 Stunning Ways Technology Has Transformed Our Homes Since The Year 2000

Transformed Our Homes

Technology advances incrementally, and we often fail to notice how much it has changed over the years. However, our homes function quite differently now even than they did in the year 2000. Every year there are new updates and advancements. Staying up to date with all of the modern day changes can be rough, but it is definitely worth it. …

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Results from the Findings of Email Marketing Census of 2017

Email Marketing Census of 2017

In the industry census of Email Marketing 2017, the main themes were personalization, device optimization and automation. More than 1200 marketers participated in this survey. After the effective analysis of the data of the survey, it resulted in three main findings that are being discussed below. 1. Though many companies are enjoying the advantages, the personalization still proves to be …

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Google Analytics: Effective Ways of Tracking Refunds

Google Analytics Tracking Refunds

Google Analytics has recently introduced a nice new feature with improved e-commerce upgrade meant for e-commerce tracking. However, this cool feature failed to get the kind of response that it really deserves. This feature is meant for tracking refunds in Google Analytics. This is quite powerful as it would be assisting Google Analytics in providing data which is more comprehensive, …

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