Google Analytics: Effective Ways of Tracking Refunds

Google Analytics Tracking Refunds

Google Analytics has recently introduced a nice new feature with improved e-commerce upgrade meant for e-commerce tracking. However, this cool feature failed to get the kind of response that it really deserves. This feature is meant for tracking refunds in Google Analytics. This is quite powerful as it would be assisting Google Analytics in providing data which is more comprehensive, …

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3 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Videos Online

Use Business Videos Online

When it comes to content, there is nothing that does the job quite like videos. It is by far the most engaging type of content, and has the potential to attract more viewers. Odds are you may even have toyed with the idea of using videos for your small business in the past – but the question is: How? Nowadays …

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Tips to Help You Become a Better Front-End Developer

Front-End Developer

Becoming a better developer is the goal of every developer in the world. However, this is never an easy goal to achieve. The world is changing and it is up to every developer to keep up with these changes. More often than not, when you think you have everything figured out, you learn from others that you don’t known as …

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Employing Color Psychology in Web Design

Color Psychology in Web Design

  Colors are extremely vital to web design, as they can make or break the way your site looks. Not only do they add elements of contrast and coherence to the site, they also have a tremendous impact on the visitors. There is an entire study to colors and their effect on the human mind, called color psychology. While you …

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Here’s What You Can Demand From A Professional Casino Software Developer

A professional casino software developers

Getting into the business of online casino gambling may sound easier than it really is. I mean, after all, others will basically do everything for you starting from website development to ensuring legal issues are taken care of. Or will they? Here, we’ll tell you everything you should expect from a professional casino software developers and casino game software firms. …

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Uber and Daimler join hands to satisfy rider with safe autonomous service

Uber mobile application

One of the leading online transportation companies in the United States is Uber and it was established in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. With its headquarters in San Francisco in California, the company operates its ride-hailing service in many parts of the world. It uses mobile application software to manage and operate its ridesharing service. The riders can …

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Tech Takeover: 4 Industries Where Technology Is Key

4 Industries Where Technology Is Key

While technology plays a key role in almost every industry, there are certain markets and sectors that are more heavily reliant on new innovation than others. From obvious examples like IT service providers to less overt markets, such as the medical industry, there are countless industries that owe their recent growth or even their very existence to technology developed in …

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