7 Must-Have Cell Phone Apps for Your Business

Cell Phone Apps for Your Business

Mobile applications provided business people a lot of convenience in terms of helping them manage and operate their respective business affairs. Indeed, the mobile technology has contributed on how businesses grow even in a highly competitive environment. There are many apps for business that you can download to your mobile device like these 7 must-have cell phone apps that can …

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Wearable Tech Captures Attention At CES 2014

For years, wearable tech has looked poised to explode into the mass market in a big way, and this year’s Consumer Electronics Show looks to have cemented 2014 as the “year of wearable tech.” All of the big names in wearable tech were on site at CES 2014, debuting products and making announcements that illustrate that wearable tech is finally …

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Best Apps to Backup your Android device

After you get yourself a new smartphone with Android on-board, you will more than likely want to know how to backup data, apps and so on. Especially if you happen to lose your handset, receive security threats, have it stolen by someone and so on. Google themselves warn many people that their Android Backup Service isn’t guaranteed to backup users’ …

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Who are the 5 Best Technology Minds on Twitter?

Best Technology Minds on Twitter

While Twitter is famed and credited for allowing individuals to connect on a level like never before, with so many people gathered in one place it can be difficult to know exactly whom you should be listening to.  Unsurprisingly for what is essentially a technology website, technology experts form a large part of the Twitter community, alongside the various news …

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Mobile Financing: What Role Does it Play in the Future of Financing?

Up until a few years ago, anyone wanting or needing financing for personal reasons or business needed to at least call someone at a financial institution. But the rapid advancement of technology and growing use of mobile devices dictated that the banking and loan industry go mobile, just like everyone else. While traditional loan settings and the availability of financial …

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5 Best Online Backup Services for Small Businesses

What is online backup? The loss of data and corruption in data is a very complex obstacle which is being faced in daily routine. Online backup is very essential when the computer shuts down due to unknown reason. The first use of Online backup is to avoid the loss in data. There are also some secondary uses of online backup. …

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Top antivirus applications for Android

With the mushrooming of innovations of the Android platform, it has become really critical to guard the operating system against viruses and malware. Nonetheless, the platform offers very frequent technical advances. This, in fact, has led to a situation when the user needs to be extra careful when it comes to an intruder attack. As a ramification of this scenario, …

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