Tell Customers SaaS Is More than Cost Savings: It’s a Partnership

Cloud technologies have been adopted by 94 percent of organizations surveyed, which included businesses of all sizes, according to the RightScale State of the Cloud Survey for 2014. It’s even more encouraging to read that slightly more than half of small and medium-sized businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees, are considered cloud explorers who have several projects and applications in …

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Facebook and WhatsApp Merge: What it Means for E-Commerce

Facebook’s $19 billion deal with WhatsApp will add a successful mobile messaging platform to the social media’s repertoire while allowing it to be less dependent on telecommunication companies. With WhatsApp and Facebook users merging, more e-commerce opportunities are on the horizon, meaning greater potential success for e-commerce business owners. Internationalizing E-Commerce Facebook’s bold move to purchase WhatsApp will open the …

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5 Genius Ways To Generate Unbelievable Content Ideas

Generate Unbelievable Content

In this article, I’ve spoken about a few cool ways to generate content ideas for your business to be much more successful. The amount of content you produce in 2014 is going to be the difference between success and failure. It’s actually even more complicated because the content you produce needs to be high-quality.

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Give Your Employees the Mobile Tech They Love

business people working

Mobile technology has been embraced by consumers, as recent shopping statistics demonstrate. Amazon reports that more than half of its 2013 Cyber Monday customers shopped on a mobile device. The same day, Amazon shattered online sales records with a sell rate of 426 items per second.

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How Should You Spend Your IT Budget In 2014?

Today we offer you a highly detailed article that discusses the biggest areas of IT investment in 2014. Although hosted services will become the focus in 2014, many companies will still face the challenge of achieving high productivity while controlling IT costs. During 2014 more IT leaders will be determining how to get the most out of their IT budget …

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Why Xcart is Not Optional but Essential

Xcart development

If you are thinking to sell your products online and build a global customer pool then there can be no better time than the current time. Not only because the global online market is expanding, there are les entrance barriers for the corporate players. Previously, for businesses who wanted to create a website that can be accessed from any part …

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Magento Platform For Your Ecommerce Solution

Magento platform

A lot of people would like to become the president of their own company. For many people it remains only a dream because they do not everything that they can to make all their dreams come true. But doing business online has become one of the easiest ways to become a business owner. A lot of people enter this business …

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