Top Devices Your Friends Have on their New Year’s Wish list

New Year 2014

New Year is just around the corner and people all over the world are lining up to every shop to find out which and what gifts they should give their friends, family, and loved ones this season. For techie people, here are this year’s top 5 best devices that you and your friends would like the most to receive as …

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Which Game Console Should You Set Underneath Your TV?

game console

In this article, I have discussed which of the three leading gaming consoles could potentially be the future of ultimate gaming. If you’re a ‘gamer’ then you will no doubt be very excited to be heading into a new era of video game consoles. We are at the eve of another great ‘console war’, and whichever machine emerges victorious it …

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The Top High Tech Gadgets To Get More From Your Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

This article lists a few gadgets from remote control boats to stop watches which you can use in a swimming pool to get more from it. If you’re fortunate enough to have your own swimming pool or to be installing one, then you should recognise that you’re probably the object of countless people’s envy. As such it’s important that you …

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Pros and Cons of 3D Printers

3D Printer

Since the release of the 3D Builder App for Windows 8.1 and the free apps for android phones like G Code Simulator and the Maker Droid 3D printing Alpha, people got more and more interested in the world of 3D printing and started to explore the possibilities it offers. As technology advances, the demand increases for the printing industry to …

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Amazon Video console will be released in 2014

Expected Media Console by Amazon may be delayed with the release of more than two months and will be released in next year. It is reported online edition of The Verge. Recall that the informal console will allow Amazon to work with a wide range of streaming Internet content, including music, movies, games and images. The console will be focused …

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The blue screen of death on iPhone 5S

Owners of iPhone 5S found the blue screen of death on their devices In addition, smartphones spontaneously rebooted. In the Apple’s Support Community users complain that their iPhone 5s spontaneously reboot, and then show the blue screen of death, which until recently was typical only for personal computers running on older versions of Windows. The problem occurs when you use …

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Google today unveiled simple and low-cost TV dongle called Chromecast

Google today unveiled a “simple and inexpensive” way to transfer Internet video on a TV. The company showed Chromecast – a small device that allows you to transmit real-time content to the TV WiFi-network with a computer, phone or tablet as a remote control. As Google says that the highlight of Chromecast that the device does not require any configuration, …

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