How Gaming Has Moved Beyond The TV In The Last Decade

Gaming Has Moved Beyond The TV

Technological Advancements: How Gaming Has Moved Beyond The TV In The Last Decade Gaming has seen incredible advancement in the last decade. It is no longer the realm of just the TV and console. Powerfully and graphically impressive games can be found on a wide variety of platforms, and gaming has become a social and cultural phenomenon. It is clear …

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The way the stunning casino UX is built Screenshot

How should a user-friendly, intuitive casino interface look like? Being overwhelmed by too heavy marketing pressure adversely impacts casinos as players are leaving faster, at the same time gamblers struggle to spend more time in front of their screens because of informational overload. Minimalistic interface is, perhaps, limits the casinos too much, forcing them to cut off the majority of …

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Play The Duck Shooter Arcade Online Game

Duck Shooter

Play The Duck Shooter Arcade Online Game in Your Browser for Free! Duck Shooter is an Arcade Online Game. Move the scope and shot the ducks before they fly away from the screen! Get ready for some action and make sure you start with a loaded gun! You have 3 bullets to hit the ducks, don’t let them fly away! …

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Top Rated Android Games of 2015

Top 11 Android Games of 2015

Top 11 Android Games of 2015 The ever evolving world of mobile gaming continues to remain an exciting platform for mobile app development all over the globe. The gaming world on the app and play stores continues to be the most highly viewed page by people of all ages. Whether it is some time off work or spending hours of free …

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Top Five iPhone 6 and 6 plus HD Games

iPhone 6 and 6 plus HD Games

Apple released iOS 8 earlier this month with a significant feature that is specifically for gaming. It’s called Metal. Metal is Apple’s new toolkit 2014 for game designed by developers to bring better looking graphics. Every iPhone 6 comes with new iOS 8 mobile operating system pre-installed, which is capable of some great features like app extensions, widgets, and better …

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Tablet Training: Top 3 Word Games to Build Your Brain Stamina

Top Games

You go to the gym and work out your muscles, but what about your brain? It needs exercise too. What do you do for it? Nothing? Wow – you’re totally missing out. Don’t worry about teasing your brain. It doesn’t mind. In fact, it loves it. By challenging yourself, you stay sharp, focused, and improve your cognitive thinking. You also …

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