Best Apps to Backup your Android device

After you get yourself a new smartphone with Android on-board, you will more than likely want to know how to backup data, apps and so on. Especially if you happen to lose your handset, receive security threats, have it stolen by someone and so on. Google themselves warn many people that their Android Backup Service isn’t guaranteed to backup users’ …

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The Top Two Windows Mobile Phones Revealed

The smartphone market has become an increasingly diverse place over the last few years. We have seen Windows arrive onto our mobile environment. We have also seen the coming of the BlackBerry 10 operating system, ushering BlackBerry into a new era in their development. The Windows Phone 8 operating system is excellent. It mirrors the desktop-based operating system with the …

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Eight Basic Apps for iPad

Apps for iPad

The amount of iPad proprietary applications has reached 140,000, and more than 500,000 applications in iTunes App Store which are written for iPhone also support iPad. That is to say, iPad is not lack of valuable applications. But it is difficult for users to find what the most basic applications are. Here we will not list applications that the users …

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How To Make Your Technology Into A Personalised Fashion Statement

In this article, I have listed some tips to make your smartphone look more attractive and fashionable. A mobile phone is an incredibly personal item. Not only is it something that you carry with you at all times, but it’s also your gateway to the interne, the tool you use to communicate with friends, a note taking and organisational aid …

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