Firefox: New Experimental Private Browsing and Add-ons

Firefox: New Experimental Private Browsing

Mozilla is testing new privacy settings in the browser Firefox. Here, the browser should not leave traces of user activity on a computer: no copies in the cache, no traces of your browsing history and cookies. The new Firefox privacy settings blocks online services that try to track the movement of the user on the Web pages and display contextual …

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Major IT Threats And Trends In 2015

Cybersecurity Threats 2015

2015 has seen a series of very disturbing trends in data theft and network security, with even the US Government being hacked by cyber criminals at home and abroad. Recently, the IRS was breached and over 200,000 taxpayer records have been put at risk, with over 100,000 personal taxpayer records containing detailed financial information being stolen. Worse has followed, with …

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Dangerous vulnerabilities in PageLines and Platform themes for WordPress

wordpress vulnerabilities

Themes for WordPress PageLines and Platform contain dangerous vulnerabilities: this flaws allows remote code execution and elevate privileges, thereby acquiring full control over the site. Released this week PageLines 1.4.6 version and Platform 1.4.4 version contains fixes for serious vulnerabilities, so users working with these themes for WordPress, as soon as possible to install the updates.

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Avoiding Damages caused by Lightning with Special Equipment

The climate change on earth has had a number of effects. And almost none of them are on the positive side. One such change is the increase in the number of lightning strikes on earth. It has been confirmed that the number of lightning is increasing with every passing day. According to The Guardian, a research has confirmed that with …

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The NSA Gets an OK for Telephony Metadata Collection Yet Again

As much as we’d like to forget about the National Security Agency (NSA) and its mass surveillance program, it seems that there is no distracting ourselves from this unnerving reality. Missing from the news for quite some time now, the issue has resurfaced once again with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) renewing the government agency’s authorization to continue with …

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Protect Your Business Future from Online Theft

Online Theft

You have had your business website for a decade or more, and you have spent that time concentrating on building your business into a successful enterprise. Your website and domain is well established, and you have a team of professionals that take care of updating and staying abreast with the changing technology. You get a significant amount of traffic from …

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Tech Gadgets That Can Put You At Risk

When referring to the missing Malaysia Airline, it’s safe to say no theory is safe. One of them, according to The Phoenix, is a remote breach of security to its flight path. Geeks, I’d be a little pissed off myself if our transit industry was vulnerable. Just think of what that means for your everyday gadgets. Smart TVs and wearable …

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