Active@ Partition Recovery – an effective tool for data recovery

Active@ Partition Recovery

Those who are suffering from partition errors, need to be able to recover their valuable data – this can be done with the help of the Active@ Partition Recovery Utility. That said, let us to discuss the Active@ Partition Recovery Tool in more detail. Although Partition Recovery focuses on partition recovery operations (overwritten or damaged partition data), it is still …

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5 Secure Pieces of Remote Access Software

Remote Work

One of the best things that modern technology provided us with is the fact that we are no longer place- reliant. Our accounts can be accessed from any terminal on the planet as long as we have a correct username and password. On the other hand, these accounts are not the only thing we can access from afar. With the …

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Active@ Data Studio – all disc products in one affordable package

Active@ Data Studio

Active@ Data Studio is a perfect mix of tools designed to operate your computer in case your OS refuses to load. The reasons behind the failure are many: from a damaged sector of an HDD to accidental deletion of system-crucial files. Of course, in 2016 you are most probably playing around with numerous cloud-based services and don’t dump gigabytes of …

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Active@ UNDELETE will save your priceless megabytes of data

Active@ UNDELETE Software

Here’s the tool working wonders when your system refuses to boot up. Active@ UNDELETE is the tool you will hardly be playing around with regularly, but it will come to the rescue the day your hard drive will let you down (we are knocking on wood). OK, you are probably in the process of transition to cloud-based storages, but we …

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Top Windows Password Reset Tool

Windows Password Reset Tool

Have you ever forgotten your Windows PC login password? How did you get access to a computer which is password locked? Yes, formatted it or reinstall the operating system can be your choices. But what you have to suffer is the data loss. How I wish I had a professional and powerful password reset tool when I was once in …

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Microsoft continues to innovate and bring popular devices to the market

Breaking Down Microsoft

Breaking Down the New Microsoft The software industry and technology in general, never stands still for a moment and unless you can adapt and evolve to these constant challenges, your business can soon lose valuable momentum. This reflects the task that faces the CEO of a behemoth corporation like Microsoft and a why many industry analysts seem to think that …

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