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Top Five Advantages of DVD Data Storage Solutions

DVD Data Storage Solutions

Data storage is a very important part of data handling. Many companies, both big and small, try as much as possible to harness data so that from it they can get inferences that would assist them in their decision making. Data in itself may be meaningless, but when analyzed and projections are made out of it, it can be the …

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Biggest DDoS Attack in Internet History

Largest DDoS attack on Spamhaus affect the availability of the Internet. DDoS attack power was 300 gigabits / second and affected millions of computers and servers worldwide. Spamhaus nonprofit organization with offices in London and Geneva, has undergone a massive DDoS attack by unknown hackers. Executive director of Spamhaus Steve Linford described it as unprecedented in scale to date. DDoS …

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G Data 2013 security software promotion

Coupons to save you some money and other specials we give to customers! Online coupon codes offer consumers a chance to save money on their online purchases. Use the following G Data Software coupons, discount codes and promo codes to save money on your purchases. Here are a few promotions from November 2012 Coupon Codes for G Data …

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Safety of products G Data Generation 2012

G Data Security Software Generation 2012 A new generation of products G Data effectively protects your PC without compromising performance. As before, the highest level of detective and new proactive protection technologies do not leave a chance to online criminals. The new scanner is “idling” functions as a screen saver and runs a virus scan in

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How Technology Is Impacting Real Estate Today

Real Estate Today

Technology is changing every single industry across the planet, and real estate is no exception. Buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and investors have unprecedented access to advanced tools and services that help them shape local and global markets. Technology is such a big part of people’s every day lives, it makes sense that it would have a huge impact on …

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How Should You Spend Your IT Budget In 2014?

Today we offer you a highly detailed article that discusses the biggest areas of IT investment in 2014. Although hosted services will become the focus in 2014, many companies will still face the challenge of achieving high productivity while controlling IT costs. During 2014 more IT leaders will be determining how to get the most out of their IT budget …

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Major Mobile Cloud Trends

Mobile Cloud

Cloud and mobile are the two key things in present context that are creating a new trend of exclusive services. With the advent of cloud computing technology use of mobile devices has increased up to an amazing level. Several mobile cloud trends are being marked up and their consequences are surely to be amplified in coming years. Major of these …

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