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Web Hosting Explained: What New Business Owners Need to Know

Web Hosting Services

Technically, if there’s at least one computer in your business that’s always up and connected, you could serve your website right from it. The computer at your business would, in other words, would be “hosting” your website. This plan doesn’t work out well in practice, though, for a number of reasons: Internet service providers mostly prohibit website hosting, they tend …

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Microsoft continues to innovate and bring popular devices to the market

Breaking Down Microsoft

Breaking Down the New Microsoft The software industry and technology in general, never stands still for a moment and unless you can adapt and evolve to these constant challenges, your business can soon lose valuable momentum. This reflects the task that faces the CEO of a behemoth corporation like Microsoft and a why many industry analysts seem to think that …

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A Week in Security: news stories and security related happenings

Security News

Notable news stories and security related happenings: Techie Finds 1.5 MEELLION US Medical Records Exposed on Amazon’s AWS. “It has been claimed that the names, addresses, and phone numbers, along with biological health information including existing illnesses and current medications, were posted in the clear to Amazon S3 storage servers by insurers using Systema Software.” (Source: The Register)

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What Makes Software Testing Important

Software testing

I have heard many people saying I can’t forget my first job and same is with me as well. I still remember it was about 11:00 PM and I received a phone call from a spinning industry. They were willing to interview me to join them in ERP team. I was a fresh IT student and never had an interview …

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Protect Your Smartphone: 4 Apps to Protect Your Android Smartphone

If you’re already aware of the dangers that come with using your Android smartphone, excellent. If not, listen up! Did you know that your phone is at risk for malware just as much as your computer is? Or that connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots could leave you open to cyberattacks? There are actually quite a few reasons you should be …

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Tech Gadgets That Can Put You At Risk

When referring to the missing Malaysia Airline, it’s safe to say no theory is safe. One of them, according to The Phoenix, is a remote breach of security to its flight path. Geeks, I’d be a little pissed off myself if our transit industry was vulnerable. Just think of what that means for your everyday gadgets. Smart TVs and wearable …

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Power Saving Tips for Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most popular smart phone in the year 2013. But the same with most Android flagship smart phones, the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S4 is sometimes very disappointing, especially when you are use of a lot of functions for a long time. Therefore, we have to use …

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