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‘GODLESS’ Android Malware Uses Multiple Exploits to Root Devices

‘GODLESS’ Android Malware

Researchres at Trendmicro have came across a family of mobile malware called Godless (detected as ANDROIDOS_GODLESS.HRX) that has a set of rooting exploits in its pockets. Godless, detected by Trend Micro as ANDROIDOS_GODLESS.HRX, is a malware family affecting Android smartphones and tablets that leverages rooting exploits to escalate its access to device administrator. Trend Micro says the app is distributed …

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New Trojan for Android steals confidential information and delivers advertisements

Android-Trojan in apps on Google Play

Malware for Android that makes money for attackers by delivering advertisements is continuously becoming more and more wide spread. This time, yet another Android-Trojan with spyware functions named Android.Spy.277.origin infected more than 100 apps on Google Play. More than 100 Google Play apps found to contain advertising spyware. This Trojan for Android steals confidential information and delivers advertisements. It is …

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Android SMS Stealer – Fake Security App for AliPay customers

Android Security

Android SMS Stealer Hides as Mobile Payments Security App Users looking to protect their online payments via special security apps may be in for a surprise, finding themselves infected with an SMS-stealing trojan instead, mobile security vendor Zscaler reports. The full report from mobile security vendor Zscaler During an ongoing analysis to protect our customers from the latest mobile threats, …

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New Android Malware Capable of Bypassing CAPTCHAs in Google Play

Android Malware

New Android Malware Steals Secretly via Premium SMS Malware among smartphone and mobile devices is something that many of us never give a second thought to until we encounter a serious threat on our own device. When it comes to mobile device malware, Android devices always come to mind as smartphones and tablets running the operating system are the most …

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